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I Stop Motion: In this project what we did is Zora, Marissa and I all chose characters to be Marissa was Voldemort i was Harry Potter and Zora was Dumbledore.

Blog Creating; In this project Zora Marissa and I all created a wiki on creating cool things like food and crafts. (This project didn't last very long). It was a very interesting project but it was hard to put information on a wiki. I would definitely not recommend using a wiki again.

Minecraft; In this project marissa zora and I, tried building roller coasters and other cool things we also created a farm. This was a very fun project and I definitely would do it again. it was very exciting.

Garage Band: In garage band what Amelia,Marissa and i did was create music. This was a fun project. There were a lot of insturments included in this project. We never used auto tune so we got the full experiance.

App Creating; App creating was reallly fun but i still didnt get the full expierence out of it. It was still a bit confusing at times.Then i started Java Script so I can learn how to do coding and javascript is a bit easier and so when i finish java script.

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