FA2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Basketball Trick Shots
    • I chose this project because I love basketball and so does my partner. I like to go outside and shoot trick shots. I also like to edit and film so this project fit my interests. When I first started doing this project I felt that this would be easy and not take long. However I was wrong, making the trick shots is tough and it takes a long time. Also picking a camera angle sometimes can be tough. The recorder gets tired of waiting and getting the rebounds, so it is a hard process. A strategy we used is using another person to record that is not in our project. During academic lab, Brenden and I go out to record the trick shots but one day we asked Mr. Whitmer if we could bring Ryan with us to record and he agreed. Now this gives Ryan an opportunity to increase his recording skills and now either Brenden or me could get the rebound.
  • Basketball Highlights
    • I chose this project because I love the NBA and all of its different players and their highlights. I started this project because I wanted to learn more about iMovie. In my project I create a NBA highlight reel that contains all of the highlights throughout the NBA, the highlights can be from the 1990s or 2015. The way I find the highlights is by choosing a very good basketball player every Wednesday and then I search their highlights on YouTube. On different Wednesday's I choose different players and search for their highlights. I have a schedule, since I have this class on Wednesday's and Friday's, I choose a player on Wednesday and then I find a highlight video on them. Then on Friday I put the video that I found on iMovie and I edit the video. I don't use all of the highlights in the video, I choose the ones that really stick out. I am almost finished with the project, now I am just finding music. I thought that this project was going to be easy but it turned out that I faced a lot of problems like the music copyright issue or the quality of the videos I find on YouTube.
  • How to Play Basketball
    • I chose this project because I really like basketball and so does my partner David. We both play basketball and enjoy it a lot so we decided to make a video explaining how to play basketball for beginners. David and I have both played basketball for a long time now and we think that we can give some advice to beginners. The project has just started so we do not have it all finished but we do have a draft for our video. We posted it on YouTube so we can make it public. David left my group so now I am going to finish up the video but not add everything that we planned because I can't do it by myself.
  • FA2 Minecraft (abandoned)
    • I chose this project because I wanted to create and build stuff. It takes time to get what you want in Minecraft because when it turns night monsters come out and kill you. But when you are playing a created map it is very confusing. I learned that you have to be very smart using a map. It is challenging for me because this is one of the first times I have played Minecraft by myself and have done it with no help. I played to peaceful the first day and night which means that there are no monsters. It made it easier for me but not as challenging so once I built my house I turned the difficulty up to easy.

Top Reflections:

  • "If we had another week, I think our project would be excellent. We learned that if you are making a project that is going to be finished near the end of the year then you need a to be careful of how much time you have left. You have to plan your project a lot. I think that this connects the real world because in order to be successful in your job you have to do multiple things. One of the things are that you have to manage your time well. When doing this project I noticed some strengths and weaknesses of mine and some for my partner, Brenden. I can get off task when I am finished and with my partner but I also work hard when I know that I am behind. During this project I always thought that we had more time but time went by faster than I thought. Brenden and I still got stuff done but I feel that we could have gotten more accomplished than we did."
    • I chose this reflection because I explained a lot. I explained what I did in a variety of "Types." I learned that I can write a couple of paragraphs quickly and still be written well. When I write reflections, I usually write them and then line it up with what type of type it is but for this one I looked at all of the Type 2's and the Type 3's and wrote so that it can be that type of Type. I am proud of this reflection and I think that it is my best reflection. I think that because this is my longest and it contains the most amount of Types that any other reflection.
  • "I think that I am doing okay with my project. I think that because I am getting my plan done but not as much as I want to. Today, instead of collecting one video and editing it I collected three or four videos and I looked through all of them. Today I thought that I should search from highlights for Kobe Bryant, so I did. I got two top 10 plays of Kobe's career and one 2014-15 offense highlight video. I also found a top 10 crossovers of all time but the quality on some of the crossovers are a little low. To gather all of the videos I used the same strategy as last time, I used the website that I put in my plan and it worked like it always does."
    • I chose this reflection because I think that it is very honest. This reflection explains everything that I did that week and I still answered the reflection prompt which was "I/We think." I also explain what strategies I used which is a Type 2 and I explained what I was thinking and feeling which is also an Type 2. A Type 2 reflection is a good type of reflection. I think that this might be my best reflection because of the content and the length. I could have ended the reflection better than what I did.
  • "My goal was to make a house and I did but i am going to make a better one later on. I also wanted to make a few torches to go in a cave but didn't get to that. But I found a few pieces of iron which was good. So I think I am on to a good start."
    • I chose this reflection because I think it is the most detailed and the most on target reflection I wrote.
  • "We got our project approved and we made the storyboard for our recording next class. It was hard for us to make the storyboard because I have never made one and I did not know how it was supposed to look like. We also figured out what we should record for our first day which was also hard because there are a lot of things in basketball to explain. It was difficult to find an angle to record because it we could record from a straight angle or a 45 degrees angle. We decided to record regular dribbling from a straight angle and record a crossover from 45 degrees. Or have a straight angle and a 45 degrees angle and show both shots at the same time on the same screen for our video."
    • I chose this reflection because it is very descriptive of what my results were for that week. It has good elements in it like what I accomplished and what parts I had to overcome. It also had a description of what I was going to do for the next week and it is very on target with the explanations. It states that we had problems and what we were going to do to fix it.
  • "I was efficient because on Wednesday I was editing and then some visitors came into the room so I started to work harder. I wanted to show them my project but I did not have a lot done so I started to work harder. It helped me out a lot because I got to work ahead on the next player I am going to edit. I noticed that I have a weakness, and that weakness is that I need/prefer to have someone push me to do my best work. Most of the time I can work hard without someone pushing me but I think that I am slowly decreasing that attitude. I am going to start working harder for each day, whether it's for the reflection or plan or just working on my project."
    • I chose this reflection because it really reflects on my week. I looked if this reflection was Type 1 or Type 2 and the whole reflection was Type 2. It really gives the reader a feel to what happened. It is also honest, I have a brief plan for the next week at the end of the reflection and the reflection sticks to the question.

Top Critiques:

  • "I like your project. I think that one way you could improve your project is by taking videos instead of pictures. Videos allow viewers to easily watch the video and listen and it is easier to understand the project and what you are doing. Otherwise I think that this is a great project.
    • I chose this critique because I am nice in it. I felt that this person did a great job choosing their project and that they are doing a great job. This person is making a cooking video but is taking pictures, I thought that they could take videos and maybe explain how to create the meal on camera. I meant what I said and I truly believe it is a helpful tip.
  • "I like your project because Minecraft is challenging for beginners. I think that you could continue to work on the mansions but you could also try to play survival. Then post pics on to a blog or a wiki page."
    • I chose this critique because I feel like I give good advice. I say that I like the project because of the challenges that you have to face so it makes the project harder. I also give advice in way that is not forcing them and is rude. I think that posting pictures on a blog is a great way to improve you project because it is very interactive.
  • "Your pictures are very good and they look very nice but the only problem in your project in my opinion is that all of your pictures are jumbled together. I think that you should make a blog and you can post the pictures and add a caption and write about the picture. You can also make a Instagram page. Otherwise your project and very good."
    • I chose the critique because it is the only one I have done because I am new to this class. I find that it is very good for my first one because I was being polite and giving some advice. The advice was good and if she follows it, it can improve her project a lot. I started off saying that it was good and ended saying that it was good and in the middle saying what she needed to do to improve her project. It was not to long or to short, it was the right size.
  • "I like your project and I think that it will be difficult to build the ships in Minecraft. That's why I think you should be more organized with your work and keep posting on your wiki page your results for the day. You should try to graph and plan everything out before you start but otherwise I really like your project and I can not wait to see the results."
    • I chose this project critique because I give good advice for the project. I start off saying that the project is good and throughout the whole critique I say that the project is good. In the middle and towards the end I start to input my advice in a nice way so I'm not forcing it on the creator of the project. Staying organized can help you out a lot so that's why I suggested it.

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