EQS1's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Blogger
    • This quarter Zach and I did blogger posts. On this website we can make posts about games we both play and music we both listen to. Our goal for the quarter was to make 5 posts by the end of the quarter. We are planning on doing at least one a week and start the next one that week. We both have never made a blog so we have learned a lot. We have documented things before so we have some experience when it comes to posting facts and opinions about games and music. We have done well so far getting multiple posts done and we expect for our blog to get at least 10 views on 1 of our posts. Also, we are planing to starting to get feedback and how others feel about the game or music piece so. we can compare to our opinions.
  • KSP Project
    • This quarter Gray and I did Kerbal Space Program. In this game you create your own airplane or rockets and fly them. Our plan was to try to get to the moon or any planet other then the starting planet but it was a lot harder then we thought. We both got very close to getting to the moon but then dipped down or just would stop moving. This was challenging and we watched many tutorials but still couldn't make it to the moon. We also did races were we would both have 5 minutes to make a airplane and see who's could get to 800 meters per second. Gray won most because he knows more then me about Kerbal. This showed failure because we made some rockets that were complete fails but it ended up giving us motivation to do better. We also got new ideas from our FAILS.
  • 3D Printing
    • This quarter Gray and I learned about 3D printing and edited a print. At first we struggled a lot because the 3D printer wouldn't have our file for our print wasn't on the printer. We ended up figuring out that the printer needed a software update so we updated it. After the update it actually was printing! Since there are other groups printing, Gray and I have to wait in a line to print. Each print takes about 30 minutes so if we are lucky maybe two people can print in one day. We have learned a lot about 3D printing and now understand how it works! We are excited to print more and hope we have more success in the future.
  • Sims City Project
    • This quarter Me and jack started a project on sim city. We learned a lot about actually running a community or city. It takes a lot more work then we thought and we learned a lot about using our money usefully. We had to manage our monthly budget and had to get it so we were making money each month. We struggled perversely trying to keep our budget stable. We would make positive income when all the sudden we would have an issue and we would need to fix it.
  • Sports Edits YouTube Channel
    • This quarter I accomplished a lot. Jack and I have been doing sports edits but for basketball. We are learning new styles of edits and new video ideas to get more of a audience. Our channel has been growing about 5 subscribers a month. For us that is a lot. We are trying to grow our channel as much as possible but some days we have struggles. Some weeks we just aren't focused and when making our videos we have to make sure we are editing the right clips and using right editing tools. Sometimes we don't rematch our own video and we have a mistake and don't want to repost the video. We are now learning and being more dialed in when making these videos and hope we can soon get 50 subscribers!!
  • Ethan's Youtube Channel
    • This quarter we decided to do edits for sports amazing plays. We use iMovie to edit our videos and use canvas.com to make the thumbnails (The picture before you click the video). We have had a very good learning experience from learning from Lynx a website to teach us how to use iMovie. We learned how to do slow-mo's which we had on our list to learn. We haven't gone through to many tough times but when there was they were hard to overcome. We had to delete one of our videos which then we learned it wasn't copyrighted to where we have to take it down. We just wouldn't make any money from the video.
  • Ethan's youtube channel
    • This quarter I continued Minecraft. Minecraft is a creative game were its open world. You can go on two game modes, Creative and survival. Creative is were you have infinite resources and survival is were you have to collect all of your resources and you have a hunger bar and a health bar. We have been playing on both creative and survival. We are doing a lets play which is a survival series on Youtube. We are trying to get red stone. Redstone is the resource that can power things to make cool inventions. Theres never a limit to what you can do in Minecraft.
  • Youtube Channel
    • This quarter my project was Minecraft. I have learned that making houses from houses other people have made because there already made. Because of this i started making my own houses and own designs and started to think it was more fun because your not copying off of a book. I started having more fun making the houses. I'm glad i started making my own houses.
  • Gamestar Mechanic Page
    • I chose this project because i learned a lot and had success and struggles. one of the things i learned was that you have to be patent. It took me a while tt complete the quest mode. Quest mode is levels that people who made the game made. It took me about 6 classes to complete the game mode. i had lots of frustration of having to try some of the levels and the levels taking me about 30 times to actually complete. I felt relived when i actually completed quest mode. Once i was finished i had even more frustration and more relief with making a level. my partner jack helped me edit my levels and make sure it couldn't be better. I appreciated jack for doing this and helping out
  • We Do Project
    • This quarter for my project I did We Do. I had troubles a lot but when I figured them out I had lots of fun. This project was interesting because I have not been good with legos really so it was great to try something new. Since I am going solo and when I was struggling, My friend Jack helped me. To me, this was a great project to start the year!

Top Reflections:

  • Our goals for this project are...

    10 total different reviews by the end of the quarter. We think this is due able because we have made 3 and we have been absent a few times. We ope for conferences we are ready to show our 4 different reviews. We plan to work very hard so we can present our project for our parents.
    • I chose this reflection because it Shows what goals we have. It also shows one of our bigger problems which is me being absent.. We both have used this problem to work harder to cover for the other person. With conferences coming up we have pushed our selfs to the limit and worked very hard to get 3 posts published and done.

  • One example of a FAILure we had was ...

    Gray got his plane super close to getting to the moon. I am still struggling but learning more about the game. We hope we can crash into the moon at the least and our main goal is to land onto the moon. I have been watching tutorials and trying to learn as fast as I can because we only have a few more weeks on the project.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows failure. Gray was having a lot of success while I was struggling. This was frustrating for me because I couldn't get mine close to the moon so I kept trying new and unique designs. I ended up getting for close which I was happy because even though I didn't make it to the moon, I was making progress. This is our last quarter doing KSP because there are only two computers that have KSP on them. Other people in our class want to do it so we need to think of another project.
  • We had hard fun when...

    We got the printer to finally work! The printer needed to update so we updated it so one of our classmates are printing a block to test the printer. This was a big achievement for u because we now are able to print our things next class! We will be able to get a lot more done now that the printer is working.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows our success and what we achieve. This shows relief because we have been frustrated because we have had our project ready to print but we couldn't because of the printer. Now that the printer is working we now feel relief because now we can print more. We have tried hard to get this to print and it finally payed off. We hope to print something easier so we get the feel of it if the loot box doesn't work. We might want to do the Kerbal Space Program project!
  • We had "hard fun" when...
    • I chose this reflection because it shows us failing. We learned from this mistake and made a new world and tried to fix these problems instantly. We made a big step from this city to our new one and was running very smoothly. We watched tutorials to learn more ways to run our city.
  • We Think...
    We could get more views by doing funny videos. Jack wants to do all funny videos but I think we should do some of both. if we have variety more people want to watch funny and actual highlights then just one of those two. We have achieved a lot this quarter with are channel gaining 5 subs witch isn't the worst. We have made lots of videos and got a video to 125 views!! We want to promote our channel and might promote our videos somehow.
    • I picked this reflection because it showed us learning and getting better at our project. We want to continue figuring out more about our project so we can be more professional. Every week we seem to try new video styles and sometimes they do well, and other times they don't. We want to be consistent but also want to try new styles to find even more consistent ways.

  • Today We had "hard fun" when...
We got to play around with iMovie. It felt good to learn about it to when watching videos from Lynda. We took test videos to try and edit to practice and had a blast doing so. Cant wait till we can edit real videos.
  • I chose this reflection because it showed us learning something new. We had little bits of background knowledge but now we feel like experts. Lynx helped a lot considering are videos went from "ok" to amazing. We feel a lot more comfortable editing videos and know how to utilize all of the tools on iMovie. Without Lynx, we wouldn't be as good as we are now.
  • One example of a FAILure we had was ... Minecraft wasn't working so we had to have a research on youtube. We then found a red stone contraption that is like a bunker. We plan to make a office then add red stone in parts of the office.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows that even when what you want to do doesn't work out, you can still do things that are productive. I also like this one because it showed figure. We didn't end up going on minecraft because it wasn't working but we got a lot of ideas for the future for our project.
  • One example of a FAILure I had was ... Not being able to find the new ender. I was getting very frustrated and we had to delete our videos we made. We luckly felt relieved to finally find out how to get in.
    • i chose this reflection because it shows my failure but also how failure can be good. In this case failure was good because i eventually found out how to get in the new end. I was very happy and proud that we found it out.
  • "One example of a FAILure I had was ... I couldn't get Minecraft to work and i was getting really frustrated . it also wouldn't join Jon's. We then figured out that he didn't turn on a certain setting which made his game open to everyone. I was then relieved to know that even though i didn't get much done, it was a very good learning point."
    • I chose this reflection because it shows failure. I learned from my mistake so now i know for next time. If i have more of these types of failure I will only get to know more
  • "this week I had hard fun doing the steps. I got to use pieces I have never seen before. I'm making the body of the plane!."
    • I chose this reflection because it shows to other people that you should always try new things. I never had used Legos in this way before but I tried it and it was a blast. When I had my troubles I figured out a way to fix it.

Top Critiques:

  • I like the idea of a movie and to learn more about making them watch imovie tutorials to make your movie look more professional.
    • I chose this critique because this would help him make his project look better. This Would really help making the movie look better because Burke said he has never made a movie before. Watching tutorials would really boost his movies looks.

  • I think you should present your bath bombs at the make share faire.
    • I chose this critique because I think it would help them share there project. Lauren and Sadie spent a lot of time on making them and I think it would be a waste to not present to everyone. I think a lot of people would be interested in their project.
  • A good idea might be to think of a project and go into it and study it to do as a new project.
    • I chose this critique because I think it shows if you spend time to master something you will stick with it. Allie has gone through a lot of different projects recently so I think this could help her.
  • I would do at least two or more recipes before you switch your project.
    • I critiqued this one because Lauren wanted to end her project before she was even going to make 2-3 recipes.
  • I suggest you make the things you do for your DIY so that people can watch how you do it.
    • I chose this critique because I want to push her to take time to do her project and share it so other people can watch how to make her DIY things. She has a good project idea so I think if she shares it she would get good responses and ideas for the future.

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