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  • Tinkercad
    • I am currently doing 3d printing. It is really cool. In this paragraph, I'm going to talk all about it. So, at first I was going to do a different website called Linda.com. I watched some videos about it, and I learned how to make things. Then, I was told the website was a little to advanced for my grade, so I went to a different website called Tinkercad. It was awesome. I didn't have to watch any videos or anything. I easily got the hang of it and I printed a lot of things. For example, I printed a fidget toy that you can fidget with and it feels really texturey and nice.I printed a lot of things that are super cool! I would recommend this to anyone 3rd grade and up.
  • Scratch Portfolio EMS7
    • Some of my scratch games i made are really cool. In this paragraph, im going to say all about them. the first one is called Manuel Neuer trying to save penalties. Basically its penalties you press space to shoot and there is a aimer sprite that moves randomly in the goal and wherever the aimer sprite is when you press space, it shoots there. But, the goalie sprite (Manuel Neuer) will "dive" at random to try to guess where the ball will go. Sometimes he will save it and you wont get a point. The next game is called pong. It is a simple pong game where there is a ball moving at random and you have a paddle and you try to keep the ball of the red line. I am not fully finished, so the isn't a red line yet so you can hit unlimited times :(. I have a few more games but my featured game is my Manuel neuer penalty game. i am not going to mention the draw with dog game because you can read about it below
  • Scratch Portfolio EMS7
    • I stated scratch about 2 months ago. I started it because ive had experience doing it because in 3rd and 4th grade with partners and we did coding games and remixing and making pong games, etc. When i started, i had a few of my games still on my account, i played them but i noticed none of them had GOOD coding. So, i decided to work on some games to make that are actually really fun. To start me off, i remixed a soccer game and added a BUNCH of stuff so i could personalize it in a way i liked it. Then, once that was finished, i thought, since i had a lot of days left, i could make another game. So, i made a cool game called "Draw with Dog" and its a game where you use the arrows and wherever you move the dog it has a trail behind it (basically the dog is a pen.) I think you should try scratch, even if you a'rent a fan of coding, like me, It is still really fun and you should try it out!
  • Gamestar Mechanic EMS7 NPB3
    • I started the Gamestar mechanic project because my classmates were doing it too so i wanted to give it a try. When i started i already felt excited just because of how the homepage looked. I signed up with my normal school account (ems7) Mr Whitmer helped me sign up and get everything right. I instantly saw a button called "Quest" and it looked like fun. I pressed it and started my quest, failed during some missions and did bonus missions everyday. i did everything in quests then i started making some games. i made some hard games and some easy ones. i was making a lot of games and testing them and improving them. i was 95% percent done with my quests but there were to bonus missions left that were impossible to me, so i never completed the quest. Overall,i think gamestar mechanic is really good for people who like video games and like making them.
  • Airplane Project Page EMS7 NPB3

    • I liked the airplane project because i love making paper airplanes and I like flying paper airplanes.I think that it is very cool that you can make several different designs. I also think it is fun learning how to fly paper airplanes in the air. Me and my partner Noah were testing our paper airplanes and making new ones. Me and Noah made 3 different designs and tested them all. I think our best one was our third one because it flew faster and went farther with more accuracy. if you don't know how to make paper airplanes or use them, you can search up videos on YouTube for many examples and designs. I would recommend making paper airplanes, they are really fun and you would love it!
  • EMS7 JDK30 iPhone Cases 3D Printing Project Page
    • I like 3D printing because you can make a TON of cool things like rocket ships, houses, pools, basketball courts, etc. But me and my partner are doing IPhone cases 3D printed. Today we are going to use a ruler of my iPhone and his iPod cases to see how long and wide they have to be. It is really fun making 3d printed Things because you can add cool things like text for example, Me and my partner are going to put text on our cases of nike or Adidas or something. We have a super cool 3d printer that can print almost anything and it uses a little laser to print it's really cool. I think that we are going to really like our iPhone cases knowing that we made them.

Top Reflections:

  • One big important question today I/we answered today was....

    Me and jack figured out how to look at other shapes rather than just the basic shapes. we also found out about the "community shape generators" which is basically more complicated shapes that real people have made. For example, the wheel shape or a terrain shape.

    We want to know ...
  • Why whenever we fold our paper airplane it doesn't go as well as planned.
    Why our paper airplane goes down and then goes sideways. We are also wondering why the paper airplane does not fly straight.
    • i chose this reflection because it questioned what was wrong with the airplane and i thought that would be good.
  • I learned..
  • That even if you remix games you can still edit them. I remixed a soccer game but I replaced scratchy with a professional goalie. I also changed it when he saves it he says "Save". And i made a ton of changes like, i changed the background and some of coding but it can be a little bit glitchy but it still works and people like my game!
    • I chose this reflection because i learned something new.
  • i felt/experienced...
    I was sick last week and Monday so i couldn't do the reflection last Tuesday. But Today i have started scratch because i though gamestar mechanic was getting too easy. i think my scratch project will be harder because its actually coding. scratch is fun because i have done it before but im thinking i should do some harder coding then ive ever done before.
    • i chose this reflection because i am starting a new project
  • Today i learned....
    That before my make share fair i was super nervous but there is no reason to be! it was actually really fun and a lot of people liked my games especially the Manuel Neuer penalty game and the draw with dog game. I was really happy with myself because i tried really hard and alot of people liked my game. i think i might do scratch at home because its super fun!
    • I chose this reflection because it was kind of a before/after and it was after the make share fair
  • One big important question today I/we answered today was....

    Me and jack figured out how to look at other shapes rather than just the basic shapes. we also found out about the "community shape generators" which is basically more complicated shapes that real people have made. For example, the wheel shape or a terrain shape.
    • I chose this reflection because we found a big key to making our cases.
  • Top Critiques:
  • when Karsten presented his stop motion vine
    • It looked cool, but he didn't actually do any of it himself.

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