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Top Projects:

  • Artsy Pictures of Art Project Page
    • I have continued this project in the fourth quarter. This time I figured out what type of art I wanted to do. I wanted to make magnets that are different and fun. I sort of changed the project a little and decided that I wasn't going to take pictures of it but i'd still document it. I went into the quarter thinking that I might be able to make a video instead but I started to finally come back too that idea later and I just did not have enough time left.
  • Artsy Pictures of Art Project Page
    • This project is my fun and easy project for the year. I just needed something to do for maker faire becuase I wanted a demonstration type project. I think people will enjoy looking at different types of artwork and different ways to take a nice looking photo. The process of doing the whole project is the hard part. I might have to skip some steps so that I'm ready and I have multiple examples of my project for maker faire.
AFTER MAKER FAIR:I didn't really have time to document it with maker faire but I didn't end up presenting it at the maker faire anyway.
  • Decorating Phone Cases Project Page
    • Decorating phone cases doesn't seem that amazing, but it's definitely more fun then I thought it'd be. It's a project where i'm cutting out cardboard, painting it black and doing fun designs all over it. My first phone case I did was a splatter paint one that was customized for Allie A. I'm doing things like scratch off, splatter paint, quotes, emoji's and customization. Once i'm done with the cardboard, I put it into a clear phone case with double sided tape, and BAM!
  • We Make No-Bake YouTube Channel
    • We Make No-Bake is a project where me and Sadie are baking without baking. We are basically making things, that you would normally bake, without baking them. I love this project because it's very kid friendly and easy. Since it doesn't require baking, a 5 year old could do it. It's really fun, messy and easy and it's perfect for Sadie and I.

Top Reflections:

  • What did you learn about your topic/tool?
    Making magnets is really easy but time consuming if you want it to look good. You have to really get the circles perfect and the letter needs to be perfect or you have to start the whole thing over. I look forward to finishing the letter magnets for maker faire!
    • I love this reflection because it tells what I did, what I want to do, and why I did it in a way that is organized. When I was typing this up I was wondering who my audience was and now, I wonder, who was my audience? I really had no idea I would be presenting this even though it says I would be attending the maker faire. I didn't know what I was doing. I had no idea what to do but I was sort of relieved when I was finally found out that I was ready.
  • One example of us managing our time well was ...
    We finished the video that we started to watch yesterday and then we wrote down our materials. Then we checked our YouTube account and made sure everything was set up properly. Lastly we wrote up our reflections and set up everything right for next class.
    • I really like this reflection because everything we did that week, we got accomplished and I spent a lot of time on it. It shows what we did and how much we accomplished. It sort of has a cause and effect entry because it says what we did, and then how we bounced off that, and that. We used the sheet that we wrote our materials down the whole time we were doing the project. So, in a way, it was sort of planning us for the future.
  • One thing we are curious about after today is...
How everything will turn out. We tried making a bouncy ball today and hopefully, it will turn out. Our bouncy ball's are sitting in the fridge, freezing up.
    • I like this one because it tells you about what we did that week, and although it's not that long, I feel it's descriptive. Although it doesn't seem like much, we accomplished a lot that day. I love this because it sort of leaves you on a cliff hanger. Your still wondering we are going to get done next time.
  • What surprised you?
    The fact that the one phone case worked out and that I still had time to make a whole new one, both being bought seems like a really good start to me. My number 1 consumer right now is Allie just because I gave her a splatter paint customized phone case. I really am going to need my clear phone cases as soon as I can get them because if I want to keep doing this project in the 3rd quarter, i'm going to need to start selling, and soon.
    • I really like this one because it's long, it explains my plan for the future, what I did that week, and what I want to do next week. I know I accomplished more then I thought I would that week, so I included that in it also. I feel like in this I just wanted to keep talking and talking about my project so that's why it seems so long. It's also sort of informational because I stated every last detail there was.
  • What helped your learning?
Today and yesterday I didn't get much done, but I tried a bunch of stuff, that just did not work out. I think that I got a lot done because nobody distracted me, it was just that I spent a lot of time finding the right materials which is why my effort is a 3 not a 4. I really need to get my phone cases so I can start getting some sort of income. Hopefully I can have that by next week.
    • I really like this one because it tells you the perfect amount of information that you need to understand what I was doing in an efficient way. It told you what I tried, what worked, what didn't, and what I want to do. It looks long but it's really quality work. I also really like the achievement I had gotten done that week.

Top Critiques:

  • How will you document this project?
    • I like this one even though it's not a lot of detail but it's good because it is asking something that was (at the time) preparing Maggie for the maker faire. I like giving people advise that they are really going to need. I also think that there is is a lot of things that go into the word document that sort of describes the rest.
  • Are you going to learn how to do the effects that are in the video clips you use?
    • I like this one because it's very polite and it tells you what i'm wondering. It also tells him a good suggestion that could be very helpful. It's also very specific.
  • I wonder if you could add more to your project page?
    • I really love this one because it tells you what I'm wondering and how fast the gears are moving in my head. I also like it because it doesn't need much to answer. It's pushy but it;'s definetly the nicest one i've probebly ever done. I think it's the way I phrased it.
  • Maybe you could open your games up to other peoples experiences.
    • I like this one a lot because it's polite, but it also gives a nice suggestion. It's just him and a partner working on this so it's really necessary that he does try this critique out in the future. This is also a really pushy critique.

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