Top Projects:(with difficulties)

  • http://thinkeringstudio.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Scratch+Game+Design (Scratch)
    • I chose this project because I like to design things. I have gotten pretty good at scratch so I made two things with it. I also got a little bored with it and I would of made 3 but I made 2.
  • Gamestar Mechanic
    • I chose this project because I like to create things like games. You can see my games by scrolling down to the bottom of this page. I posted two games ones easy ones medium. It was also fun to make. That is why I highlighted this project.
  • Stop Motion Plans
    • I did a stop motion video because I wanted to make things look like they were moving by themselves. Find it by scrolling down. The thing is it will only work if you have Imovie so if you don't to bad. I chose to highlight this protect because I had to work on it at home in order to do it
  • Gamestar games
    • I did gamestar again because I didn't feel like I did enough the first time. This time I'm making 4-5 games. They will get longer as I go. This time IT'S TAKING WAY LONGER BECAUSE THE ONE I'M MAKING RIGHT NOW IS 20 LEVELS!!! I also got a ton of new stuff on my account so I want to try them out. I chose to highlight this project because I've been working on it for ages.
  • Tiny City Progress

    • I chose to do this project because I was getting tired of using the computer so much and I wanted a break. So I chose this project so I could use things like LEGO pieces and popsicle sticks. I also wanted to actually make something. I haven't made a lot of things for it yet but I will try to do that soon. I might even start working on it at home. To be honest, I would have a lot more stuff done if I remembered my supplies more often. When I forgot my supplies I just looked online to see if I could find anymore sources for this project. The reason I chose to highlight this project is because it was probably one of my most creative ones. Also because I feel like this has been one of my hardest but most worthwhile projects yet. I also plan to use the result of this project for my next project. That just adds another reason this project is important to me.
  • Tiny City Continued

    • I am still working on this project. Over time I have added some stuff to the project. For example: I finally remembered the LEGOS. I have decided to start doing this 3D designing stuff with it, but I haven't printed anything yet. I've started to make a chair (by downloading a chair on thingiverse) and I'm trying to edit it. But I have no idea how. Anyways, I'll figure that out eventually. I hope to finish this project in the third quarter.
  • 3D designing stuff
    • I am still working on this project. I'm using the Sketch Up software to create the stuff I'm printing and the MAKERBOT software to print the stuff I'm making. I've learned a lot of stuff on Sketch up. For example, its either very hard or impossible to make spheres on Sketch up. Also I thought you could just print directly from Sketch up and it turns out you can't. I still have to learn how to change the extension so I can import it to MAKERBOT. I will be doing that soon I think.
  • Video Making thing
    • I just started this project. I haven't got very far, but I've planned it all out. To be honest, I don't think I'll end up doing everything I planned, mainly because I don't have much time left. I hope to at least figure out how to get something from an iPad to a computer. Because I can't figure out how to do that and its hard to prove that you did something when you can't use your proof. I hope to get at least half of this project done. I'll probably do it mostly at home.
  • Top Reflections
  • Just so you know I had some difficulties here so it might look a little weird.
    • "Today I made 3 paper airplanes. I learned that it has to be perfect if you want to go to the next step. I video taped the airplanes and found out that the moth was the best. I used a pure digital flip camrea. Hopefully this project is easier than it looks."
  • I chose to highlight this project because it was a fun project.
    • " Today I finished the quest and now I can post my own games.I might also try to beat the spooky challenge. Next time I will make a game and try to post it."
  • I highlighted this entry because it had lots of detail. It kind of explains why my first game was easy. This is because it shows that I was trying hard to post it right away.
    • "I finished taking photos and I still have to post it. I still have to add music. I will do that stuff at home anyway.I chose to highlight this protect becuase it took a freakishly long time. It was also fun to do because I could make anything happen in it.
  • I highlighted the entry below because it had lots of detail, and was one of my best ones
    • "I worked on my game real hard, but I only got 5 out of 15 levels. Mostly because I work really hard on the levels. Plus level 3 was nearly impossible. Next time I will keep working on my game. I just have to make level 5 possible... (mwahaha)"

  • I highlighted the project below because It really showed me thinking about my project and taking charge of my "learning journey" (I am quoting Mrs. Roberts) It also showed that I was learning through doing my project and taking it seriously. I also like it because you can tell that I put effort into it. I am very proud of this reflection. Also I believe that this was kind- of sort- of the reflection that got me into the project more when I wrote it.
    • "Describe your progress towards your goals
      This week I started my project. I have only made one building so far, but it was probably the hardest because I used popsicle sticks, and popsicle sticks are hard to use. I used way more tape than I thought I would. I made a little bit of progress but I have only made a house so far. I'm working on a town for crying out loud. Next time I will probably start working on the ground part." -ekk2
  • I highlighted the project below because it showed me thinking about changing my plan a bit. It also showed that it was a major change, however I was still going to do the stuff I planned on doing before. It was kind of like a project renovation. Also, because you can also see that it was me that typed it, and not like an adult. (In other words, you can just tell that its me.) I like how I used voice in it.

    • "What if I/we ..."
      "This week I fixed the lego house because it pretty much exploded. Then I looked for sources... again. Mr. Whitmer said that I should try doing stuff with a 3D printer. I think I might do it because then I would have something to do in class other then look for sources." -ekk2
  • I highlighted the entry below because it showed that I found my way around the limits of the program that I was using (in this case, the inability of making spheres). It also showed me progressing with my project. And that was proof that I wasn't just sitting there the whole class.
    • I/We have changed my/our plan...
      Because It turns out, it does't seem possible to make a sphere with the program I'm using. Instead, I made pyramids. Pyramids are actually a lot harder then cylinders. I might start brainstorming ideas on what I'll actually make for printing next week.
    • I highlighted the entry below because it showed me making progress in my project. It also showed me planning ahead, but having to slow down because I guess I was going too fast. (because of the writers block) I think this has been one of my best journals in a long time. I hope I write more journals like it before the year ends. Also it showed that I remembered to do the project at home.
    • "This week I/we took the proper time for the job when ...
      I remembered to film at home. Then I posted proof on the page "videos and stuff." I also planned out like 90% of the project. I would be done, but I got writers block and just stared at the screen trying to figure out what to type." -ekk2
      Top Peer entry post:
  • "I think your project is pretty cool but I think you should have more details in Main steps and Evaluation sections. Also you tell people what exactly you will be making with the 3-D printer."
    • I chose the entry above because I used details with what I wrote. I had said what things he had to change about his proposal and gave him an idea on what to add to his proposal. I also feel that this was a helpful critique on the proposal. (This was on Callum's 3D printing proposal)
  • I think your project is cool. You should show how much duct tape you need for each thing you make. You could also post the pen.
    • I chose to highlight the entry above because it showed me coming up with ideas for a project I don't have much experience in. I also gave Erica an idea on how to show her project's progress and the steps to making the duct tape stuff. I also used the compliment sandwich (at least I think I did.) Plus I was polite.
    • I think you should collect more resources. That way it will be easier to get a scientific win. You should also explain what you're going to do when you achieve the scientific win.
    • I chose to highlight the entry above because I was giving Callum a suggestion to help make the goal of his project easier. I also asked what happens when you get a "scientific win." I mean, does the game like start over, or do you keep going? He didn't really explain that. It also showed me thinking ahead sort of.
    • These are my awesome projects.
NONE OF THEM WORK ANYMORE! D: (well at least on this dell)
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Do not play this video, pretend it is a photo, for that is 1 secound long

Here is my first game

Here is my secound and last game

Here is my awesome glog

Here is more scratch
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Yet more
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My last last last last last scratch project
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