EJM3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Slapshot
    • [[#|Liam]] and I thought it would be fun to do an Istopmotion project. And we did it in the form of claymation to challenge us to see what we could do. We did a hockey [[#|movie]] to keep us interested in the project. It overall was a great project.
  • Gamestar Mechanic
    • Liam and I saw other people doing gamestar, and we both thought it would be very cool. [[#|Coding]] is really [[#|complicated]] and this is the first [[#|step]] but Liam and I [[#|gave]] it a try and hoped for the best, and we were successful. And we are having fun doing it.
  • Lego Mindstorms
    • This is a project based on lego robotics. It's a cool project that Will and I enjoyed a lot. It involves intermediate programming with robots. It's cool because you can add touch and sound sensors to the robot and make it do some really cool things. For each new sensor the programming changed, which adds a new challenge to the project. It was a fun project in a subject area that I enjoyed.
  • Hockey highlight reel (Part 1)
    • This is a project about making a highlight reel. It is a fun project in a subject area that I enjoy. It is a project that involves Imovie and youtube. It can be a difficult project at some times, (not knowing how to do/add something.) It's basically taking clips off of youtube and putting them all together to make a cool project. But, the best part is that for each new thing (adding music etc.) it brings a new challenge. For those reasons, is why I chose this project.
  • Hockey highlight reel (Part 2)
    • This is the second part of our project. In the beginning we (Will and I), we learned a little bit about software by playing around with it. Also, we how to get the youtube videos on to our project from Sam. But now, as we start to get more of the highlights we thought about adding music. Trying to make the base drop at the time a player scores a goal. If we could take another step, it would be changing the colors along with the base drop. All of the this is done in quicktime software, in video and audio recordings. It is still a project that I enjoy.

  • Clash of Clans Blog
    • This a blogging project. We show tips and tricks to the game clash of clans. We hope to help people who are inexperienced and would like some help. It is a fun project because you can blog about anything about the game. Also, because i enjoyed the game, it allowed me to give better feedback on the page because i am so experienced at it. The challenge was a lot to do with the blog. I had never done anything like this before, and it was difficult to figure out how the blog worked. It worked on my writing as well.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today we unlocked spawners and dinosaur avatars and enemies. Next time we are going to make a level and we're hoping that it will be at least three difficulty and 5 rating."
    • This is my favorite reflection because Liam and I both got lot's done, we were focused the entire time. It was obviously
  • "Today I/we made the net a little better by putting the Popsicle sticks in the net to have a better structure."
    • The start of that day was a good idea and the good idea worked. The Popsicle sticks made the structure a lot better. And it was a great use of our time.
  • "Today we were able to finish 6/10 of our goal today. We finished 6 levels out of ten levels. We're working really fast toward our goal."
    • We were focused as you can tell by the "We're working really fast toward our goal."
  • "Question- I/We learned...Answer- we learned some basic tools about programming.Through trial and error we learned these tools and it will make this project easier in the future."
    • The tool that we learned is what blocks to use and what times to use them.This is a good reflection because not very often do I learn about a helpful tool. The tool helped us be more efficient in our work.
  • Question-What helped your learning?
    Answer- I was not there on the first day of the week. but still was able to actually make a touch sensor that works! I worked very well this week, my previous knowledge helped me. I had messed up so many times that i was sure there was no more ways to mess it up again. my previous knowledge was a couple of things first that it needed to be level with the wall and that it needed to be strong.
    • this is my favorite reflection. It's my favorite because It shows that I got a lot done in a short period of time. I was only there for 1 day and I still was able to put a good touch sensor on. Which was a crucial part in my project. It helped with my project greatly, I wish all of my reflections were like that, working very hard.

  • Question- I/We got further than I/we had planned because... Answer- We worked hard this week. I thought that we would only get the touch sensor done. But we worked so good, that we had enough time for a sound sensor. We even made the video for it already. This is the end of this project next class we plant to make a proposal for a project that is sports related.We worked hard this week. I thought that we would only get the touch sensor done. But we worked so good, that we had enough time for a sound sensor. We even made the video for it already. This is the end of this project next class we plant to make a proposal for a project that is sports related.
    • I like this Reflection for many reasons. I like it because it was obvious that I got a lot of work done. I probably got double of my plan. I was very into my project and that's why I got so much work done. I wish everyone of my reflections could be like that.

  • Question-What was fun? What did I/we enjoy?
    Answer- It was fun working on this project, i like it because it is based off a game that I enjoy. It was fun to play the game, but also know there is an educational value to it as well. Because we enjoyed it, we were focused and got 2 quality posts done this week.
    • I like this critique a lot, it was so easy to tell that I was focused. Also, i enjoyed working on the project which allowed me to go even further into it. I also learned a lot on it, mostly because I had absolutely no knowledge of this before and now i have a lot, for example, now it is really easy for me to navigate around Blog Spot, i know how to used it and I know were everything is. This is a reflection that i wish i could have every week.

Top Critiques:

  • This is Eamon, I think your project is cool, But I think you need get the website recognized across the school. Right now you are the only one who knows about it. I would suggest making a poster or maybe even ask the office to mention it in the announcements. Also, make it interactive by add a comments section.
    • This, in my opinion is my favorite critique. I like it because I was able to make a specific suggestion, that I feel, would help that person a lot. I also like this reflection because I told ore than 1 suggestion giving Sam some options to chose from. Also, I told WHY Sam needed to make the adjustment. I feel that whoever I critiqued, I helped out a lot.

  • Hi Brody, I like your design on the boat, cutting them into rectangles to male the edges fit. That is smart. But, I don't think the boat will float thought. If there is one little space then it will sink. I would suggest using another material to fill the holes, clay might work.
    • I critiqued Brody on his project for a Popsicle stick boat. I like this critique because I told Brody what was good and bad about the parts of his project. But also, I made a specific suggestion. I feel that this was a very helpful critique for Brody.

  • this is Eamon,not Will. I like your project and think it is unique. But i was wondering, have you used any other software's, and if you have, which ones are better? Also, does this have any benefits besides experience for becoming a an interior designer, if so, what are they? Also, how would you share this with other people? Possibly you could make a jump start page on "building design" or make a tutorial video of the site and put it on YouTube.
    • This is a critique of Genevieve's project on her house design. I like this critique because I asked many questions making the presenter think, and also, I gave a solution to the problem instead of just telling what she needed to fix. This critique was good because it wasn't negative or mean.

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