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  • Minecraft Parkour
    • Brian and I wanted to do this project because we wanted to do minecraft. We wanted to do minecraft
. to learn about this in minecraft and have a little fun. We made a parkour place where you have do lots
. of obstacles and ride on rollercoasters. We learned many things like about how far a person can jump
. and how rollercoasters work. We learned that only the powered rails power the minecart to move. We
. learned many things in this project!
and review the games at the same time. We used a recording system to record our
project. It was cool and if people see it they might want to try it. We really were excited
to do this project and to play the games at the same time. This project was really fun!
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Top Reflections:

  • "Today we worked on our parkour a lot. We tryed very hard but we didnt get enough done. We were going to make a mob spawner but we didnt have time i think we did good. We hope to do the mob spawner next time and build a little more. We might build another rollercoaster and then make a pig ride. We are still thinking what what to put in the mob arena but I think we tried really hard so far. I think we can finish it in a couple weeks."
    • I chose to do that reflection because it gave lots of detail of what we were going to do and what we did good. Also, We put a lot of effort that week and we had a lot fun.
  • "We are playing then rewiewing games it is really fun because we get to play the games. Then we have to review them and rate them. I think we did good this time. We are planning to review games like stick figure badminion. Also, we might do Kawairun. They are on game2kids.com and the best games are there."
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