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Top Project:

  • civilization

    • I learned how to play civilization V I Improved a lot since i started
  • scratch stuff

    • me and my friends made scratch games. we helped each other.
  • Batman Spooderman, Nightmares ACS9 EJC7 AS3

    • In this project my friends and I made a lego movie. It was stop motion we moved the legos in between frames. We learned how to do this better later in the project. We had trouble with talking but this is ok because our next project will involve a lot of talking at times.
  • Xcode
    • for this project i played a game that taught me about swift then i tried to make some thing in Xcode
  • gamemaker :

    • This project did not workout the way i wanted it to. the program would not start.

  • game commentary
    • we recorded are self talking about games.
  • we do 101
    • when I was little I liked robots in this project I made one.

  • Project 3 my lego base
    • legos are fun to build with so i made a base with them.

  • New gamemaker
    • this time gamemaker worked on the computer i used. i am learning how to make games with it.

  • mouse trap cars
    • me and a partner made mouse trap cars. we didn't finish it but that's ok

Top Reflections:

  • || We are having difficulty with staying on task.
    One way we might try to solve it is we can make a better plan before work. this way when we get to work we know how and what to do. ||
    • this reflection shows one of the times I planed ahead.
  • If we had a do over ... We would work a little harder. We could not focus because we were talking and being crazy. Next class we will try to focus better.
    • I picked this reflection because it shows that we have room to improve.
  • We are trying to better are work and work harder. It is hard for us to work together because we like to joke around with eachother but we are trying to improve
    • I liked this reflection because we could adapt to other projects quickly. we started quickly we are going to record soon.
  • we got a new project
    • i liked this reflection because it marked a change to a new project.
  • My/Our next step will be...to add sound in the movie like music and sound effects.We can get the sound from YouTube. we can also get sounds from web sights.
    • I like it because this was one of my better reflections.
  • If i was in charge i would make the hallways flow better maybe make one side of the hallway go one way and the other side go the other way.
    • this could help the maker fair run more smoothly.
  • We are having difficulty with staying on task One way we might try to solve it is staying on task. maybe we can make a better plan before work. this way when we get to work we know how and what to do
    • this reflection was good it tell that we needed to improve. We mostly talked and got distracted. the next day when we planned there was less talking (one of us was still throwing legos.) We got more work done.
  • I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because are project ideals got shot down and we had trouble coming up with a project. we could not do wire mod because of technical reasons. we don't have parts for a computer so we can't do that project. we are going to make a mouse trap car.
    • this reflection showed that we can adapt to a new project
  • We think that it will be good
    • it was
  • we need to do next is code npcs
    • i still need to do that
  • I think you need a clear challenge other than just making it work.
    • this critique can help them think about there project

  • you should plan ahead and make a list of all the robot challenge
    • this one tells them to plan out there project to help them be successful

  • I think you should make a video with all of the time laps and post it on YouTube.
    • I feel this critique could help a lot with presenting there work. having all their work in one place will help.

  • you might need a new brick if you can get one.
    • this critique could help them move on and get there project to work again

  • have it catch the marble.
    • this one helps a lot

  • I think that you shold make a imovie slide show to help you present.
    • I like this critique because it could help them a lot.

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