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  • Final reflection
  • This project was about baking and learning new techniques on how to make food. I learned man different techniques like how to make certain foods differently like using a spoon to stir or just use a machine like a kitchen aid. You can also use different ingredients if for example someone was allergic to something in the recipe you could find another ingredient to use. It was really helpful knowing that because people have allergies and it could have harmed them but it did not. You can also switch the ingredients if you want to make the recipe more healthy . I think that this project was a success because I learned how to make certain foods and I learned how to use an oven and a mixer. Amy and Erica and really good partners because we all did the work and split up who was going to make something each week or every other week, I think we all did a really good job of working hard to make different food every week.

  • 2015-2016 EGS6
  • This project is about filming and editing. We chose this project because we wanted to get more experiences with filming and editing. Filming is very important because we could use filming for a lot of other things in this class and maybe other classes too. Editing is very important also because you have to use editing in a lot of things like making an iMovie or just a normal video, their are many editing skills that you can learn that really help. Some editing skills I learned are how to add music or sound affects and how to make one part of the video fade into the other.

  • 2015-2016 EGS6
  • First I started making up some questions and Amy was the filmier and Erica helped with the questions as well. First we decided to have our questions be about capitals, states, history and that was about it. Then we decided to make it a little more interesting, by making it more interesting we added riddles. We filmed students and teachers some teachers got the right answers and others blanked. The students we filmed are from this Thinkering class and some of the students we used were out of the class.

  • 2015-2016 EGS6
  • In conclusion I think that this project really helped with my filming and editing skills because at first before the project I did not know a lot about editing so this project really helped me learn the basic information about editing a video. For example before this project I have not edited in a while so I did not know how to add sound affects or just music in the background but after this project I learned how to do that. Amy, Erica and I worked well together but I think that we could have done better because sometimes we would get off task and stop working for a minute or two but in the end we got back to work and did what we needed to do.

  • This project is about filming and editing and I think that this project was really fun because we got to film people and ask them questions that they should already know. I learned a lot about tripods and filming with the ipad because those are the resources we were using to film. This project was interesting because it was interesting to see what people did not did not know. Some of the questions we used were history or about geography we also used riddles we had some funny riddles that we decided to use when we asked the people the questions. This project was helpful because now I know how o film with an ipad and a tripod.I learned that when you are filming with an ipad it is a better idea to use a tripod. Also how to edit in iMovie like I sort of knew how to edit but I forgot so it was a good thing to get a refresher. Filming with the ipad was ok but it was better with our phones but because none of our phones had storage we just used the ipad and the tripod instead. I think that learning this was very helpful because it is good to know how to properly put the ipad onto the tripod. The tripod was a little tricky sometimes but that's okay because we would just ask Mr. Whitmer and he would help figure it out.Some weaknesses that occurred were not getting the ipad on the tripod. when this happened we just went to Mr. Whitmer and asked him and he showed us how to do it correctly which was very helpful. Another weakness that occurred was when the ipad ran out of storage meaning we could not film.

  • This project is about photography, We choose this project because we all knew how to take photos using flash and contrast and natural lighting . We also wanted to work on photography because it is something Amy, Erica and myself enjoy doing. I like this project because I really like photography I think that it is really cool and inspiring because pictures mean a thousand words. Also pictures can be very important and have a strong message in them. Our next project will probably have something to do with photos or videos as well. I think that this was a good idea for our first project and I really had fun taking pictures and learning more about photography.

  • Think that project good you could be more descriptive about why you choose this project and why you like it. Like you answers were short and did not have much detail so I think that you need to have more detail in your answers to our question
    • I said this on Darryl's project we had to leave a comment and thats what I said. I think that this comment is pretty good because I was being disruptive on what Darrel needed to work on and how to fix it.

Top Critiques:

  • This project is very interesting because I have never seen this before and I think that you could try learning new things to do in the game because it sounded like you did the same thing every time.
  • I think that this critique is good because I was telling him that I thought his project was interesting because I have never seen that game before. Also I explained something that you could do to make the game more interesting.

  • Today i earned a lot of people and gadets on game star machinek which made me very happy.
    I learned that even if you play on your quest a long it is still hard to earn things.
    Today i had a lot of fun doing game star machenik and i am still gonna do it.
  • I choose to high light this project because it is a project that i really like and i high lighted it
  • because it is the game that makes me happy when i play it and it is engergetic and up going and
  • just very fun.
  • I am going to make cake pops for the next thinkering class and i am so excited. I agreed with my partners that next class we will make our cake pops and i am so pumped for it, it will be so much fun. I beleive that i will learn a lot more when i make the cake pops buse i do not know a lot. ||
"I choose this project to high light because me and olivia worked hard to find really cool thing and cool
  • shoes and trust me our power point has the most coolest shoes ever that you will find so i am really
  • happy that i am high lighting this project because it is very important to me and olivia.

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