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  • 2014-2015 DIY Crafts
    • We are doing 3 DIY's which means "do it yourself." We make things from scratch and show people how to do it. First we made phone cases out of tape. What we did was wrap the tape around the phone case. The second DIY was hair bows. What we did was make hair bows out of ribbon, and we made some for other people. Finally as our third DIY we made pet toys. They where made out of socks, food coloring, and pet safe no toxic rubber. We ended up with some pretty cool professional bows, pet toys, and phone cases.
  • 2014-2015 DIY Crafts
    • We have been making DIY craft videos. We are currently making phone cases. We are learning a more style point of view. We have learned to be patient with the tape. We are also making cases with duct tape. Next we are doing hair bows and pet toys. We are going to be up for a challenge!
  • 2014-2015 Crayon Melting Art
    • We have been melting crayons. Its called crayon melting art. I have learned how to be careful with heat, and how to be creative. One time I accidentally glued a little bit of table and a little gem was born. I also came up with Blob art. We did a rearguard rainbow one too. We learned we where pretty creative. Everyone also seamed to like them. They took a long time!
  • 5 Duct Taping Tutorials
    • I chose this project because we where working with a very frustrating tool. We thought about giving up because the duct tape never wanted to listen. We kept messing up and messing up but we never gave up even though we wanted to. We ended up with high quality and classy work.
  • Photography and Editing - by Ania and Ellie
    • We chose this project because we both had never dealt with taking pictures. We also thought it would be a challenge. Both of us love taking photos but we are not very good at it so we would think it would be a learning experience. We DID learn a lot.
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Top Reflections:

  • 2014-2015 Q4 One way I/we showed resourcefulness was ...
    We only had some ribbon left so we brainstormed on what we could use it for. We fringed it and used it for a cat toy and tied it to a string. We did this on accident and it took us longer because we kept messing up then said we could use it as a cat toy. We only used one piece of ribbon
    • I love this reflection because we made a super cool cat toy with a tiny bit of ribbon. This reflection really does show how resourceful we where. This was really hard to do and shows how we are problem solvers.
  • 2014-2015 Q3 What did you learn about your topic/tool?I learned that you can add all different types of sound to iMovie. Also you can make it reverse motion fast motion and slow motion. Our iMovie is now really cool and took a lot of work. I can' wait to have people see it. I am very proud of OUR work.
    • This was my favorite reflection because the video we made was so good. We where not good at iMovie before. This reflection shows how to problem solve and we did. This reflection is also a little bit of a teaching reflection and if someone read it they might learn that you can add effects and things like that.
  • 2014-2015 Q2 I/we demonstrated character by helping our peers clean up their really big mess by their big volcano and I got my hands stained purple - that is a life lesson."
    • I chose this one because it demonstrated character. We gave up our class time to help them. We also demonstrated perseverance and care. Even though we really wanted to do our project. So we put it in our reflections.
  • 2014-2015 Q1What breakthrough(s) did you have? We got glue on the table then peeled it off and it looked good. So we made more big and small. Also we where gluing paper on and we got crayon in the glue it looked cool so we put glue in the middle of the gems.
    • I like this reflection because it shows that we are creative. We never meant for this to happen it just did. Its one of those things that are one of a kind that you would not regularly think of. At first we where thinking glue on the table then we picked it off and it looked so cool!

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