ECC3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Music reviews
I am learning how to write reviews and it's helping me write better in other classes too.
  • Calligraphy Sophia and Ellie
    • I really leaned a ;ot and really particpated in ths.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
  • Project 3 Eden and Ellies bracelet company.
  • Because I was really interested in learning how to make bracelets. I think bracelet making is a skill at least you should kind of know. Now I am a much better bracelet maker.

Top Reflections:

  • When I start listening to an album its kind of hard to work on anything else. so I'm just kind of sitting here. I will listen to half of the album ten tart writing my review during class. it is kind of hard to know what the album means when I listen to it once. so I listen to the album everyday almost all of the day also so I can actually understand it. I will also look at the lyrics of what the artist is saying so I can interpret it.

This explain what I do and why its hard. Its hard to know what a song means when listening to it once.

  • || The Past weeks have Been great. We have Been learning a lot. We have been improving over the weeks. We almost don't need the books to look at letters. our productivity gets a little off sometimes but mostly we get back on track. Well we have learned a ton of letters and we also are very interested in it so it makes it fun for us. We seem to be finding a lot of courses on youtube which is good but we cannot find a solid course we will learn as we go. Our goal is to be able to write basic sentences within the time span of about 1 week. Each week we will learn something different. ||
I chose this becuase it showed a lot of detail. and really showed our improvment.

    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
  • "We think our project is....

    I think our project is going ok. I think this because Eden and I have gotten off task lately and we are trying back on task. WE are trying to finish up this project as the marking period comes to an end. Right now in the project its more about learn the ways to sell things. I am wondering if there is a way to put your bracelets on a bracelet website we could sell them on. Another challenge I am wondering is that why the bead bracelets people want mote than the string even when the string ones take longer and are cooler in my opinion."
    • Because I think it is very honest. And shows what we could and have worked on. It also tells us what we could have done better.

Top Critiques:

  • "I like your project a lot but I think you should plan how long you are going spend listening each song on the album so you can work productively." I feel like this will rely hep me elaborate more.
  • "Make sure to describe youre process"
  • I chose this becuase I fell like this critque is very helpful it will help the perso get a better grade becuase the process is very crucial.

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