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Top Projects:

  • Food Fight Stop Motion Animation
    • I started brainstorming one day after I saw a cartoon and decided to make old school stop motion animation. I was drawing cartoon characters when I saw how the
  • Ethnic Food Proposal
    • Brayden B, Ricky S and I all planned on making a social media cooking guide called "Ethnic Grille". We wanted to make a lot of good easy ethnic food and learn about its origin but also help other people learn too. The project was great we had Ricky researching the ethnic foods origin and being the Co Chef, Brayden filming, editing, and making weekly blogposts, and lastly me being the head chef, finding recipes and finaly testing the food. The blog would
  • MIinecraft Proposal
    • We have been working on this project for a while now and we keep on coming up with new ideas. We learned a lot about Minecraft also a lot teamwork. We have made a lot of new things, such as: a mansion, a city, a trap, a rollercoaster, cars, trucks, plans, hot air balloons, and finally a skyscraper. I thought the hardest thing of them all was the mansion. We are still working on the mansion and it has been a lot of fun. We have created many rooms and even a trap. The trap was hard but we made it work. Overall Minecraft has helped with a lot of important skills such as team building also just helping out. So for this year I believe that Minecraft is the best project.
  • BCS Tour
    • The project started off by interviewing people and filming it. Next we got ipads. After That we started touring the main hallway talking as we went. Next We toured all of the Cocuricular rooms. We got outside and took a video of recess. Finally we got back to the media center and returned the Ipads. I thought this was fun because we got to take videos and talk to people. I would recommend this project.
  • Minecraft City Project
    • Jack S and I planned on making a Minecraft city. We have been succesfull. We made skyscrapers and a road with cars. We also made a copy of the people mover. We made the city in the sky. In
  • Gamestar Mechanic Project
    • in the gamester mechanic project Jack S and I had a goal to make a game, complete the quests, and beat a very hard level. We finished all of the quests and we were hyped up to make our levels. Jack's level had a timer and many traps. My level had a timer and was more of a maze type level. After creating the levels we finally got to go on to custom games and pick out an extremely hard level. We completed it and had a ton of fun doing so.

Top Reflections:
  • "One way I/we helped someone else today was ... finding the best sales and posting them to my website so that people wouldn't overpay.""This week I/we had a breakthrough when Found out how to complete the quests".
  • "Today I/we improved* my/our original plan/design by ... making a whole new page for our summer sale and even putting summer attire on there as well as the mountain gear."
  • I liked the first reflection because I helped somebody find sales and I would want this help if I didn't j=know a lot about online shopping too.
  • I liked my second reflection because I found different sports that I found interesting and the new page really makes it easy for people to access them.

  • "This week i/we had hard fun when we finished our city and the people mover".
  • This week I/we had hard fun when we filmed the gym, and mr p's office.
  • One example of a FAILure we had was ... when we tried to upload the show to youtube and it failed because we forgot the password of our youtube account. But we fixed this by making a new channel and now our channel and blog is up and running.
    We edited all day and blogged. We finally got the mango sticky rice done. Brayden started to edit the video adding sound effects and putting the video on the blog.

    "Copy/paste a favorite reflection here."Today I/we had "hard fun" when

I liked the first reflection because we completed the game and it was very fun.
I liked my second favorite reflection because we finally completed the city and the people mover made it look very cool. Also it was a lot of work making the city in the sky now we
I liked my third reflection because we got to explore and film the school.
  • Top Critiques:
Charlie and tanners Lego Project
  • "You should do more legos like this one
  • His Lego wall was really cool and I wanted to see more because that would be even cooler.

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