EAZ1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Anything Art (Drawing Pikachu)
    • I chose to do this project because I love art. I thought I could do something that I don't know a lot of people could do ... DRAW PIKACHU! I love pokemon characters so that is why I thought this was the perfect challenge to face. Pikachu is one of my favorite characters.
  • Gamestar Mechanic (Making A Game)
    • I chose this project because I like to create things. It is something that I thought would be fun for others to play and fun for me to make there game. So making something that I can take all the credit for is an amazing thing.
  • Smores Cupakes
    • I chose this project because it is a project that I think improved my baking skills. I think that it was important to show off my skills of making food or baking. It seemed like everyone loved the cupcakes. I thought it was a very fun project to do... Even though I did not finish the video yet for my project of s'mores cupcakes.

Top Reflections:

  • "My favorite highlight is when I was actually drawing the picture and I had to explain what I was doing."
    • I chose to highlight this project here because it was the one of two projects that I had done. Also I managed to complete it with success. I loved how pikachu came out.
  • "I loved how in the game I got to choose what was happening. No one else made the decision."
    • I chose this project to go here because it was the second project that I had completed with success. I loved how the story of the game came out. It was a blast to do. I loved how everything was perfect in the game and it ended up my way.
  • "The reaction of how many people loved the taste of the cupcakes amazes me."
    • I chose to highlight this project here because it pretty much summarizes what my goal was in this project... To make people have a sweet tooth. I think that it has improved love for baking. Knowing that people love what I made.

All Projects: