EAS3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Liv&LizDIY
    • This quarter we started a new project, Edible Cookie Dough. Our company is Dashes&Doughs. We have created a cool, yet simple logo. We have also made an order form, and a cookie dough flavor list with our different type of cookie doughs. We have discussed containers, and soon we will make and sell our amazing edible cookie dough to friends, and people at school! Once we make our cookie dough we might make a 30 second commercial, and we might make a taste testing video. We might also plan another Baking Battles, like we did last quarter.
  • Liv&LizDIY
      • This quarter we planned our DIY School Life Hacks video. It took a while to make the video, but after a lot of hard work we put it on to youtube. My favorite Life Hack in our video was the earbuds in the mint container hack. This was my favorite life hack because usually earbuds get tangled and when you roll them up around your hand and put it in a mint container, it won't get tangled. My earbuds are in a mint container right now! We also did the first round of baking battles! Olivia and I won with chocolate chip cookies!
  • Liv&LizDIY
    • This was my favorite project of the quarter because we got to make and learn about cool DIY's! We researched for DIY Edible School supplies, DIY Life Hacks, and DIY Science experiments. We had the experience of being able to create a youtube channel, and we got to make a video for DIY Edible School Supplies. Making these Edible School Supplies was so fun, and my favorite one that we made was the Edible Glue.

Top Reflections:

  • How did I/we feel...We feel very happy because we made and printed are order form. Its looks very good and professional. Are logo adds a very nice touch. We would like to make a list of the cookie dough were selling, and we need to make are recipes.
    • I chose this reflection because we got a lot done that day. I was very proud of how our order form and logo turned out, and it was a great foundation for our edible cookie dough project! It looks very nice and professional, and if I were a customer It would make me want to buy it.
  • My/Our next step will be... To work on our project besides the baking battles In which We planned for season 1 of Baking Battles (cookies). Its at Sydneys house on MLK Day. We want to do edible cookie dough for our next project which is still technically associated with DIY's. We just need to make sure our recipe's our safe, so we will be doing research on the ingredients.
    • I chose this reflection because I loved planning and of course doing Baking Battles. It was such a fun project! I love baking in general, but I really liked baking with olivia and going against Dede and Sydney. We won!
  • My/Our next step will be... We would like to finish finding DIY Life Hacks. This weekend we are planning to use are research and make a DIY Edible School Supplies and a DIY School Hacks video. To get our materials we need for our youtube video we would like to go to Michaels.
    • I chose this reflection because we got a lot done the week we made our DIY Edible School Supplies video. I had so much fun making it. Olivia and I went to Michaels to get our supplies, went back to my house and worked on the video. My favorite DIY out of the edible school supplies was the "edible glue," because it was so delicious!

Top Critiques:

  • I think your Echo dot 3D case project is very cool. Maybe you should make other animals, such as cats, because not everyone loves dogs, although I do. You could also make different colored dogs and make them look different, so people have a variation.
    • I picked this critique because I think this would help their project, by making different kinds of objects/animals so people have more choices. When their is variation people are more likely to pick what they want.
  • Sydney, I really like your videos, and the pictures you took are very good! I think you could work on having more energy during your videos, and to make sure you guys look at the camera more. Good job :)
    • I picked this critique because I think this would be helpful for her project because her project was very good other than the fact that she wasn't looking at the camera that much, and that they needed more energy during their videos, because people want to watch videos with lots of energy in them.

All Projects: