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  • Project 1: Little Bits
    • During little Bits because we wanted to tryout little bits and we ended up making a car with a motor and it goes on a battery. we used a youtube channel called Little bits tv and they have lots of cool project ideas. we learned that you need to get it right or the whole thing just dosnt work. we recorded our work on our little bits project on our page.
  • Project 2: Movie Reviews
    • We just started Movie Reviews because we wanted to learn about reviewing and how professionals do it. Some of the problems we faced was signing up for CSM (common sense media) because we needed to get our parents permission. But we forgot to get them so we wrote it on a page. We are in the middle of the project and we learned a lot of responsibility.
  • Project 3: Clay Stop Motion Animations:
    • Sam and I started this project when my brother ended his and I thought that it looked fun. Then we researched more and got a app on Sam's IPad. We kept looking at videos then I got clay. Sam and I learned how to use the clay from a video Mr. Whitmer got us. I have learned a lot movie making and animations.
  • Project 4: Photoshop
    • Sam and I got bored of clay stop motion so then we switched to Photoshop because we were in the middle of a engage unit of Photoshopping. We wanted to learn more about it. We had some bumps in the road but we over came them.

Top Reflections:

  • 03/04/15 "I/We learned..."

    More about stop motion and it takes a lot of time.
    • I chose This reflection because I thought that this would be easy but they moved the clay like a half a centimeter to make it look real. I move it like 2 inches. I learned that i don't have the patients.
  • "12/10/14 "I/We learned..."

    That we are just doing Night at the Museum 3 and not unbroken. We are going to review on Common Sense Media.
    • I chose this one because that is the hole start of the project AKA the bones.

  • 10/22/14 "I/We learned..."

    Today we learned how to make a little bits car out of Lego and
    and modified it.
  • "05/21/15
    "I/We made....

    more photos."
    • I cose this one because it is funny because I was in a rush.

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