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Top Projects:

  • 2015-2016

    • Evan and Jack Football Pump Up
      • My project this year was a youtube video with college football clips in it. We downloaded about 6/7 videos to mix the clips. Our main app/software was IMovie. I had already learned how to use IMovie because of previous experiences. To make this project, we had to download many college football highlights off of Youtube using a Youtube video downloader called en.savenet. Second, we would put the clips into IMovie. Once the clips were in IMovie, we had to mix the clips by dragging parts from the videos into our movie. Next, is the most stressful part of making a edit is to find a good song! We looked for 2 days and we finally found the perfect song. It is titled "Ezra Flume". Lastly, we added the music and some transitions to make it look it cool. I am currently learning how to use Adobe After Effects CC 2015 for our videos/mixes.

  • Evan and Jack Basketball Pump Up

    • My second project this year was also a Youtube video. We did on college basketball. Our video was kind of rushed because we fooled around too much. My project was the easiest project we've done all year. This project took IMovie, Youtube, and a Youtube video downloader. I forgot which song we used. The hardest part of this project was to find a good song! Everything else was easy. Although, IMovie kept shutting down on us and wouldn't work for a few days, so we kicked back and just watched videos. The end of our project was adding the song that we downloaded and added some transitions to make it look cool. I am currently learning how to use Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe After Effects CC 2014. These software are really hard to use so we won't be using these programs until later in the year.

  • Evan and Jack Steph Edit

    • For this project, we decided to do a video edit on the best NBA three-pointer as of right now. His name is Stephen Curry. We decided to do this project because there are so many highlights on him and there was a really good song we used. It's called Forever by Drake,Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. To start off this project we many things. First, we had to go to Youtube and find some good videos and highlights. We found a great video instantly. Second, we downloaded the video into a Youtube downloader called en.savenet. Next, we had to import the video into IMovie and take out the right clips. It went very fast. Lastly, we found a song. We changed the CC (also known as the color correction. After that, we added some transitions and we were finished. This is the link to our video!
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBRKwrT5YMU

Oobleck Project

For this project, we wanted to do something a little different then what we had done during our last 4 projects. Also, this is our very last project of the year and we wanted to do something really special that would give our last project a kick. Here are the instructions to making the messy sticky solid. First, you pour a bottle of White Elmer's glue into a cup or bowl. Second, you pour in regular tap water to the solid to turn into a sticky mess! Next, you would get washing detergent also known as borax. Lastly, you stir the borax with water and super glue mixture. Now you oobleck!

Top Reflections:

  • I/We were inefficient because we had bad internet connection. A lesson that we learned is that you need to remember to never click the trash button on an IMovie project! This is why you need to save frequently on IMOVIE!

    • >>> I chose to do this reflection because this was our biggest problem when using IMovie. Also, we haven't had many problems using IMOVie this year. Also, when we're in THINKERING STUDIO, the internet will shut off right when you're in the middle of doing something very IMPORTANT for your project. Also, I have been rather so bored in THINKERING sometimes and IDK WHY!

    • One example of FAILURE we had was when we were trying to do our IMOVIE project, when IMOVIE crashed in front of us and was really hard to fix it. It took me and Jack a total of 2 days to get our final project done without music. Then out of nowhere when trying to add music, our computer decided to freeze on us and it took us an extra 3 days to finish our LAST AND FINAL project.

    • I chose to do this reflection because it was one of the hardest thing we had to deal with throughout the whole year so far. Our projects are very easy to us but are hard to some people because they have never experienced something that hard before. Also this was a pretty hard and this was some of the reasons for failure we experienced as we went through our project. We did have to fail before we succeed in our project to learn fro m mistakes when posting our video on youtube or on the wiki when we finish.

    • I/We think...
      That we did a great job starting off for our project. During our project we were thinking that we were doing very and well and we weren't fooling around. towards the end of our project we felt bad because our com[puter had just shut down for no reason. we made a lot of progress and we are going , faster then we did with our other college bball edit.Wewill going to continue looking for songs and videos to match our project and get a good beat. Also, we watched youtube videos on IMOVIE it definitelyhelped.
      • I chose this reflection because it told/tells a lot about what our project is about and gives a lot of information. Also I think it is one of my reflections while I was doing this project. It gives you info and idea of what this type of project is like (really cool). It tells how we made use of our materials and told people good websites to use if they are doing or going to start this project. For these reasons I chose this reflection.

      • What got in the way of your'e learning?

        We did not accomplish much today and yesterday due to one big problem. We did however finish finding a design and making our Airplane. We were held back though as we repeatedly tried and tried to upload or photos but could to because our emails were not working. TODAY WAS VERY STRESSFUL DO TO THE WIKI MESSING UP:(

      • I chose to do this reflection because it was the biggest challenge that we've had in our whole year of thinkering studio. I believe this is one of my best reflections because it demonstrates what got int the way of my learrning. This is my last reflection for my portfolio of the year!

Top Critiques:

    • I think you did a great job presenting your project but one thing I think You could add would be better music.

      • I chose this critique because it gives a good recommendation and its something that could really help there project. It gives good ideas in a polite nice way and I think I did a good job. I think they should consider my idea.

  • I think you should do a combination of all sports, because we want to see a variety of projects.

  • I chose this critique because it tells the person that change is good and some people don't want to see the same thing. It gives people a general idea of what they should do.
  • I think you did a good job with your project. I think you did a really good job on your video and how you added many transitions. I really liked the songs that you used throughout your video. Although, the quality could be better if you want and also your transitions are sometimes a little off and you should change them. These are all SUGGESTIONS, I am not trying to be to you. I just named the things that I think you should change on your project to make it better.

  • I think you did a good job with your project but there are a few things I think you could do to make your project a little bit better. I think on your page where you add your games you could update that page after every project so people could look at your more updated versions without having an account. Overall, its a pretty good project but I recommend updating your page after every game. Please do not take this to an offense.

Nice project. I think it needs a bit of work tho. Mostly it's a great project. Your scenery is just off but still nice. A few ways to make your project better is to change up your world and make a different scenery.

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