Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

We are now working on the part of the project with pet toys!

DIY Crafts
Ania and Ellie
How do we make good craft videos that people will want to watch and do?
We expect to learn how to make successful DIY crafts.
We will be challenged by making good quality phone cases, pet toys, and hair bows.
This will stretch us because we will have to learn tips and tricks of how to make proper DIY videos, and we will have our failures.
List your materials/resources and who will be providing them. If they need to be purchased, include the price.

Phone cases:
  1. Cheap phone case = $0.50 (Ellie)
  2. Tapefitti = Christmas Present (Ania)

Hair Bows:
  1. Clips = $1 (Ania)
  2. Fabric = $3 (Ellie)
  3. Hot Glue Gun = Thinkering Studio

Pet Toys:
  1. Fabric = $3 (Ania)
  2. Cheap Dog toys = $1-$10 (Ellie)
Main Steps:
We will document our progress through pictures and videos, and written updates too. Since this is not an individual project, we will make sure that we both do the same amount of work for the crafts and keep the same amount of talking in the videos. We will both have roles to do our part of speaking int he videos. We are both accountable to bring in the materials.

Here are our steps...
  1. Look at "teacher's" examples
  2. Complete phone case while video taping
  3. Upload Video
  4. Complete bow while video taping
  5. Upload Video
  6. Make a pet/dog toy without video taping
  7. Then make toy while videoing
  8. Upload video
  9. Done!!
We expect this project to take about 2 months.
Here are some useful links:

There are examples of existing projects, on YouTube we can find DIY videos. Yes, people have done similar projects in our thinkering. We searched in "Pet toys, hair bows, and phone cases" in the wiki search bar to see if they existed, we searched each individually.
Our teacher will be the Sylvia person from the links above, Mr Whitmer, and some experience.
What parts of this project might be difficult? Learning how to make the crafts then learning how to teach people. How do you expect to handle them? We will try to make a lot of clips and put them together if we make mistakes.
We will share what we have learned taking videos and posting them on YouTube and/or on our wiki page.
Our target audience is people who want to make cool things, that they normally would have bought at the store. Making it yourself is cheeper.
Creating a Digital Video for DIY Tips wiki page -
We will define our project's success by how many compliments we get for the finished products. We will evaluate our success by seeing how good our videos are.
Our success will be "visible" to others if they think that they would want to do the project.Can your progress be measured throughout the project? Our progress can be measured through the project. We are Journeys, judging by the thinkering studio rubric.