Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Diy Nail Projects
Ava and Kasey
We are going to do really hard ones so we have to be steady.I think the hardest thing is having to use all the new tools that the other people use. Our goals are that we can use the tools and not mess up and do them nice.
We will learn how to make the nails look good and how to use picture movie stuff.
We will be challenged by doing nail art things that we don't know what to do.
This will stretch use because we don't real now all the tools that we
Camera (teacher) Mac book. Doting pens (Ava) Sponges (kasey) Q-tips (Kasey) Nail polish remover (ava) nail polish (both)
Main Steps:
First this is a website: our main steps is to learn how they do it. we will also look up youtube videos on how to start them.
we will make an movie to document the projects.
We will go to each others houses and work on them. we will also so some in the school.
Half a quatar
there are lots of online videos of different designs and styles to do. we will be watching/ making how to videos. there have been other girls doing the same projects. we will go on hers and learn from there mistakes. What words did you search the wiki for when checking?we searched nails an found some pages.
we will post videos/photos to the wikki and youtube
Some difficulties are that we have to use the tools and we don't know how to. we also are trying out new ways to do the nails.
We will share with our peer group the teacher and who weber see out page.
We are going to be looking at other peoples missistakes. and learning from then. we will be making how to videos to document are progress.