Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Digital Art and Logo's
Me: Jacob
I'm not very good at digital art. in fact I can only draw at a moderate level. Learning how do draw and design on a computer will be a fun challenge.
I want to learn how to use programs like and eventually Photoshop.
I'm going to have to learn how to use a mouse, or I might get lucky and have to learn how to use a Wacom.
I will have to stick to this even when I get bored or deem it too difficult.
Computer, Digital art pad thing (maybe.),, photoshop.
Main Steps:
First I will download and play around for a bit, getting a feel for it. Next I would watch some tutorials, and then I would Start my work on making logo's and digital art, and when I'm good enough, I'll set up side banners and stuff for Reese's youtube.
I plan to post any good pieces of art to the wiki.
A quarter, possibly two.
Yakobelt on youtube. forum
This question is pretty much the same the challenge one.
I already said, on the wiki.
I don't actually know. I think when I feel satisfied with my art, and would be willing to display it in my room or on reese's youtube page.