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  • Project 1: Model car building
We chose this project because it appealed to Ryan and I. We built two cars named Frankinstien and chicken man. Frankenstein (My favorite) worked and chicken man (Ryan's Favorite) did not work. I brought wood from my house to build the cars. And I brought the motor, wheels, and axel for frankenstien. We took apart another car another student made. We reused the motor, axel and wheels from it. The tools we used is a scroll saw and a drill. We are planning on doing another project for the new quarter. We really enjoyed the car making project.

Top Reflections:

  • I/We were effective/ineffective because ...

    I was effective because I was working and building the cars. I was also ineffective by getting of task and goofing around. Why? Sometimes I get distracted by other people and their cool projects
    and then I stop working and that's how I get off task.

    We built the base of the car. Then we put the motor on. And then
    put the battery placement on. The made all the measurements to put the
    battery on.

  • I really liked this reflection because I was really honest. I know I goof around, and sometimes I can't help it. But Im trying to stop. It also saved my grade a whole ton. And I'm proud of it. And thats why I liked this reflection.

Top Critiques:

Really cool, you should make video reviews about console video games.

I think this critique is good. Because I told him something that would make it better. Then it would make his site better. Thats why I like this critique.

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