DVA1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Final Cut Football Highlight Reel
    • We have discovered many new tools throughout Final Cut. These tools have made high quality video one of the best I have made. I feel like if we had a little bit more time it could be better. If we had more time we would have added way more affects, clips, and music. I also feel like if we used a different topic like baskteball it would be better.
  • Final Cut Football Highlight Reel
    • Our project is final cut pro. My main strategies for this project is to learn final cut through Lynda to make a quality project. I am using Lynda through the Baldwin Public Library website and with a membership to the library Lynda is accessible to anyone. Some of the problems were are having is downloading music. The website we were using for previous projects may cause our computer to have a virus.

  • Darryl Java Script Portfolio

    • I felt frustration many times throughout this project. It was not easy figuring out all of the codes I had to use the internet for answers sometimes. I learned that I can persevere through problems better than I thought I could. I am stronger at code combat than I am at code academy. On a scale of 1-10 on coding I give myself a 7.
  • Drone Project
    • This is my first project of the year. I choose this project because I wanted to learn something new. I am having fun learning how to fly the and I am getting good at it. I am also learning how to use the camera on the drone so we can take pictures. Hopefully once we get really good we can borrow a more expensive drone and take an overview picture of the school. That picture will be placed on the office wall since the picture on the wall right now is outdated.
  • Basketball Highlight Proposal
    • I choose this project because I enjoy watching basketball. I really like when player have cool highlights it is exciting to see. I learned how to get videos off of youtube legally. And I learned how to edit up videos and add music to them to make it entertaining.
  • Markis, Clayton, and Darry Shoe Project
    • We choose this project because we wanted to sell shoes for money. We ran in to trouble when no one brought in any money or shoes. Some things that we learned were to to proper pictures on ebay and price shoes correctly. I like this project because I like shoes and I know about them and I enjoy looking at them.
  • Darryl's Football Proposal
    • I choose this project because I enjoyed doing this one before and I needed a project. This project will be hard because I am working alone this time. Therefore it will also be longer. I will learn how to edit videos doing this project.
  • Clayton and Darryl Basketball Video Tutorials
    • I choose this project because I want to work on my camera skills. This project teaches us how use good camera angles and to edit videos. This project is hard because we have to get the right angles and right moves. We also have to get all the right materials including tripods, phone clamps, basketball, etc.This project will take until the end of the year
  • Top Reflections:
  • We had a breakthrough because...

    We had a breakthrough because we had trouble importing clips into Final Cut. We solved this problem by re-downloading the videos again. A strategy we used was trial and error. We kept trying different things and word see if it worked or not. We thought the re downloading the videos would work and it did. This was a breakthrough we had this problem for a while and it was a big problem so we can continue to work on the project..
    • This was a very big step in the process of our project. We could not get any football clips into iMovie. This made the project take longer than expected. We had to watch many videos but none of them worked for us. We downloaded a software to the computer that takes the videos straight from YouTube and put it in our downloads.
  • || One thing I/we am/are curious about after today is ...
    I am curious about if final cut will be better than iMovie. It is suppose to be a better software than iMovie but I will need to test it out for myself. I have learned through experiences that what everyone says does not apply to me. We will do a lot of research. I hope this compilation is better than my others. ||
    • There are a few differences from iMovie and Final Cut. But in my opinion final cut pro is more professional. Final Cut can go in and out of slides quickly and efficiently. Final Cut also produces better quality of videos. Also in the reviews of the two software's most say that final cut is better.

  • One way I/we showed resourcefulness was ...
    I had to go on the internet to find out how to do a lesson on code academy. There is an answer key for Java Script code academy online. I did not go on the internet until I absolutely needed to. We are still not sure when our drone will be fixed. We think Mr. P we will respond soon.
    • I choose this reflection because my struggles through code academy. It also showed how I worked through my problems. I had to ask a lot of questions during this day. I asked Markis and Ahmad for help. I finished two code academy levels that day.
What helped your learning?
Markis helped me learn how to fly the drone. I am starting to get the hang of flying it. Once we get good at this hopefully we can do more things with a drone. We may take a more expensive drone and fly it over the school. We will take pictures over the school to get an over line of the school.
    • I choose this reflection because this was my first time flying the drone and I needed a lot of help. I did not realize that drones were so hard to fly. But my partner had experience so he was good at teaching me. I learned how start up the drone, how make it hover, and make it go back and forward. I am getting good at flying the drone but I think I will be even better at taking the picture and editing clips on IMovie.
  • We am/are having difficulty with...
We are having difficulty getting video transferred to computers. They to much space to email and won't go on to the laptops so I have to re-do them on the laptop.
    • I choose this one because it reflection because we struggled so much at this point. We were really confused. We didn't know how to get videos or music on the Mac. This shows how far we have came since the beginning when we knew nothing and now we know a lot more.
  • Describe your progress towards your goals
    Our goal is to sell Clayton's bred 11 Jordans on ebay. We will sell them for around 200-250 dollars. Hopefully we will be done with selling them soon.
    • This was when our project was going well. This was the first time someone brought something in and we took pictures. We never actually sold them because we did not get any pictures that was one of the problems we ran in to. This is why I choose this reflection.
  • My/Our goals for this project are...
My goal is to quit this project because it is boring now. Also we are not making any progress.The shoes are not selling and sometimes people are absent so we don't get work done
    • This a good reflection because the project was going terrible so I had, had enough and quit. Once I quit I was moving on to a better project. Now I know not to do this project again also. And I am learning new things.
  • I / We think...
    I think this project will be really fun. I really enjoy basketball and I am good at recording. This will hopefully improve camera skills and basketball skills.
    • This is a good reflection because this project is better and harder than the last. It is better because I can go outside. But it is harder because I have to get camera angles and edit the videos. I have gotten good at editing and getting camera angles from this project. These skills could help later on in projects or other things.

  • Best Critique:
  • Your is very fun and I can tell you enjoy it. But maybe you can take it a step farther by making a tutorial on how to make these desserts and post it to YouTube or on a website.
    • I believe this is a good critique because I gave compliment and suggested what they could do to enhance their learning. This cold help their learning by teaching themselves how to talk in front of a camera and take different camera for a video on YouTube. This could also help them set something to where they are showing people how to make desserts and giving them different technique's to make them better.
  • With your trick shots maybe you could post them to YouTube. Or make a montage with a beat in the background.
    • I liked this critique because it gave him a strategies to help him improve his project. This could broaden the amount of learning he could get. He could learn how to do trick shots. While also learning how to use a soft ware to edit videos. This could help him grow in two different categories.
  • I like the project but maybe you could make a website where you have tips on the game. Maybe explaining in detail what each amendment means.
    • I think this is good critique because it provides goo advice for his project. This critique gives helpful information about how he can take his project to the next level. I also choose it because it provides a source of where he can share his knowledge of amendment.
  • Your project seemed very interesting. But I think you could be learning more from it. You could maybe use screencast-o-matic and record your videos and post them to youtube. You could also maybe make a tutorial on how to use the software.
    • I think this was a good critique because I was polite and gave good advice. I suggested that he may share his knowledge with others. By way of video or website.
  • You could fix lighting on your camera. This will make your videos come out in better quality.
    • I think this was a good critique because it helped there lighting and gave them better quality. There picture quality was very bad and hard to see. I thought with this critique there project would have been better. You could fix lighting on your camera. This will make your videos come out in better quality.
  • You could maybe give more instructions on the materials you had to use. You could also show the scarf that you made
    • This is a good critique because if other people want to do this project they should know the materials to use. People also should see there material they made.
  • You could fix lighting on your camera. This will make your videos come out in better quality.
    • This is a good critique because I told him how to get better quality. It is also good because Zach now knows to get a better video he needs to have better lighting. This also a good critique because I was nice about what I was about how he could do it better
  • It is a good project for you because you are good at it but you should challenge yourself more. You should consider using screen cast-o-magic and making videos.
    • This is a good critique because I let him know what things he could do to challenge himself. I told him he was also doing a good job at his sim city to be nice about it. I also gave him a specific software he can use for the videos.

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