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Top Projects:

  • Project 3 Watercolors
    • I chose this project again to try and expand my water color skills. I thought that now that I know the basics skills from the first project this time I might be able to be a little more creative. I also found that it helped develop my watercolor techniques.This time I got to to paintings I wouldn't normally try or think of doing before. I think this helped me expand on painting ideas and changed my overall view on water colors. This project gain a new understanding on watercolors.
  • Project 2 Watercolors
    • We chose this project because we wanted to increase our art skill, specifically watercolor. Both of us had experience with painting using acrylics but not so much with watercolors. We thought if we got better at watercolor it wold make us more creative. We also wanted to just have a overall knowledge on painting. From doing this project my water color skill has increased and regained an appreciation of it.

  • Quarter 1: Cooking tutorials
    • We choose this project because we wanted to learn more about cooking. We both didn't know how to cook complex recipes so we thought it would be fun to try and learn. We also wanted to learn how edit videos. Benefits from learning how to cook re that you can cook for yourself, and you could save money from spending money on pizza or takeout. From doing this project we learned a lot about how to manage our time, cooking, how to be safe while cooking and how to work iMovie.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.

Top Reflections:

Reflection 2
  • We took the proper time for our job this week when we planned out what we were going to paint next. Today our plan was to try and brainstorm our next painting idea. While we were brainstorming we decided to think of something to paint that we wouldn't normally, like out of our comfort zone. We predicted this would help us at least a little bit of learning how to paint with watercolors more skillfully. After trying it we both agree that our strategy works and would most likely be thinking about that the next time we start painting something new.
    • I chose this reflection because I think it portrays what we do almost every week. The reflection is clear and direct on telling us what we did .

Reflection 1
  • "One way I/we-we were strategic was ... or One example where I/we thought ahead was ...When we planned out our videos. We looked up recipes for the next 12 videos and planned which house we would be cooking in and what/when we were. I think This helped us because now we know where and when everything that we will be doing is. Planning out our videos and looking up recipes lets us get it over with. It also helped us save time and let us focus on more important things like editing our videos and learning how to work iMovie"
    • I chose this reflection because I think it helped see what we did during the class and how we benefited from it. This reflection makes it clear on that we were actually doing something in class. Writing a reflection lets students to think critically and reflectively, while helping them get better outcomes next time we do this

Top Critiques:

  • " I think that if you guys documented your projected in a more clear way"
    • I said this because I think their project would've been more clear.
  • " I think you could've tried to accept your failures and learn and improve from them"
    • I said this because I think you could've learned from them and tried to improve

  • "I think your project idea is very creative. I also like that it was challenging and how you explained exactly what you were doing act week and not just an overview."
    • I said this because she put in a lot of detail in her reflections and I really liked that.

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