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  • Paint-Ballin Project Proposal
    • This project we learned how to fly a drone. We used how to fly a so we can take cool videos of us doing action sports and put them into montages. We made some videos with our drone. We hope to get better at making these videos and make new ones later. I am working with drew and merit on the project.
  • Code Academy dsz1
    • This project is a project were I get to learn how to code. Coding is putting together a website or pulling apart a website. I think coding is a very important skill because you can get some good jobs when you have the skill. In code academy you learn how to code. The academy is a great place to learn. I am using java script for this project. I am working solo but i can get help from lucas.
  • Gopro Wakeboarding
    • This project we used a camera to record. like the other projects we do we record and make montages. this project was different because we had to work with water. we had to find new ways to record. one way we recorded is on the wakeboard. we used go pro editing program instead of imovie or final cut pro.
  • Go Pro Paintball
    • This project is a go pro video project. go pro is a camera that is very strong shield camera. i have used this camera for many things like snowboarding and wake boarding. we have posted 5 videos on this project. we have been using imovie to edit our videos and we just started using finial cut pro.i find this to be a very enjoyable project
  • Go Pro Snowboarding Project LD
    • This project is a snowboarding project that we do at mountins and hills. we video tape our learning in snowboarding and our teaching lessons. we have 3 videos and each one keeps getting better. the main point of the project is to showcase our work and make tutarils. we hope to make a tutaril on rails fo board slides.
  • Minecraft Survival Island
    • this project was about surviving in minecraft. Minecraft is a game that you freerom and bulid waht ever you want. First we had a hard time with hardcore because everyone was dieing and you cant respawn in hardcore mode. we change the project slightly by making it just survival so if we die we respown. this was my favorite project because its a freerom game and you can do anything.
  • dsz1 roller coaster(no limits coaster)
    • on this app you learn to make roller coasters that professional make. this app can get boring wheg n you are putting finshing touchs on it. getting a roller coaster started is the hardest part. if you dont know much about coaster no limits coaster is not for you. I learned in this app you can make flips and very sharp turns.
  • (bts3 dsz1 review journal) game review
    • i chose game review because it was a fun project. doing a game review is fun and easy to use. we played on cool math most of the time and playing rotate and roll. if you want to have a fun project chose game review. my faverite game was papas bugeria it was about makeing hamburgers for peaple and you get money for it. that is why i did game review.
  • minecraft everything world
  • minecraft
    • I did this project because we thought it would be a good project to explore. we made a pyrimid. we made a beacon and a coaster. i learned how to make an end world. i want to learn how to make a under water coaster. my faverite part of the project was making the pyrimid
  • this week we found some websites for rails. we want to buy a box for $120. we could use this for working on our 360s on the rails. we want to go snowboarding tommorow so we can have more fotooge. we finished our 2nd video and want to post it on youtube
    • i picked this Reflection because it shows what we do and what we want to do in the future. we show what we want to work on here its rails. we want therails so we can put it in the back yard. this is why this is my favorite reflection
Top Reflection
  • What helped your learning?
    mr. hill help us learn about drones in general. we learned that our drone can fly really high. we learned that making a video we are gonna have to stabilize the video.
    • I chose this reflection because we found a person in the school with drone skills too. I explained What we did in this refection and i stayed on topic. That week we learned a lot form Mr.Hill. One of the most important things we learned was how to fly the drone really high.
  • One way we might solve this problem ...
    • we are dry of videos. we can fix it by going snowboarding again. we are going to boyne mountian over break so we will have a lot of videos once we get back. we will be able to finish the videos
      • This is a good reflection because it shows how i am gonna fix the problem of being dry of footage. i say where were gonna go and what were gonna do. i say once were done with taking videos at boyne we will finish the montage and we did.
  • I/We learned...
    i learned how to use photo shop this week. i also learned how to use final cut pro. i learned how to make a very high quality video.
    • this shows what i learned in a week. i learned a lot this week like photoshop. i also learned how to use final cut pro. and i learned how to make high quality videos.
  • "reflection
    • How did I/we feel?
      we posted a video and we feel good about it. we got 40 view areadly. we hope to get many more views. we hope to post another video soon. we think the week was sucessful
    • this week we started a new world of harcore and we hade some problems. i died and did not know what to do. i ask people if i could us there and jack let me us his. we are going to get stuff in the world and we found gold!
    • today i learned how to use a wooden coaster in no limits coaster. me and blake made half of the coaster. we had trouble agreeing with what we were going to do. me and blake were making a looped coaster but it is to hard
  • "reflection."
  • we started with papa burgeria but it was not fun. it was fun to play papas pizzaria with blake. the problem was that the game was boring after a will and gets really hard.
  • i learned that the tnt can go of if you use readstone. how i learned is that i accentdently put redstone near a tnt and it blue up.i was helped by learning trever by he put the redstone down. the next time we hope to have someone beta test
  • i used this one because it says what we have bin doing. and what we have learned in minecraft.in this reflection i learned how to use redstone. using redstone i can hook up devices. that is why it was my highlight

Top Critiques

  • I think your project is very good but there are some things you can do. first you could buy bad shoes and fix them up. something you could do is go into a shoe exchange. you could go advertise on youtube too. but besides that your project is good.
    • I chose this one because of a good reason. during this critiques I gave him some examples of another way to make money. I tell him he's what he should work on in a good way not in a rude way. i also said you should make a youtube page because i know alot of people that get alot of advertising on youtube because of there shoes.
  • i think your project is very good but there are some things you can do. first you could buy bad shoes and fix them up. something you could do is go into a shoe exchange. you could go advertise on youtube too. but besides that your project is good
    • This is a good critique because i am telling him some suggestions on how he can make more money. I have some experience in selling and they are doing very well in this project. i talk about going to shoe exchanges because there a big place to sell shoes. i also suggest buying bad shoes and fixing them up because i know people that make more then a 100 dollars on each shoe they fix up.
  • you could show your work on the main page instead of putting links to it. maybe you could do pictures that you take. but besides that this is a very good project.
  • i think you should have the video be on like a different system to record your screen. I think this because your videos are very laggy. maybe you could use fraps to record. maybe you could post the video soon and keep posting on a day every week.
    • this shows me telling jack to use a different system to record. i found it really necessary because it was really laggy. i found fraps to be a great app to record with. and i helped in to get more people by him posted more videos
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