DFM2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Video Editing and Pixelmator
    • For this project, I focused heavily on the Video Editing portion in the first marking period. I experimented with different programs, eventually finding that IMovie, the program on the Mac that I was using, worked just fine. It was a struggle at first to find a program that both fit my needs(Tool-Wise)and my level of expertise(low). This was a challenge, but I figured out eventually that native programs work just fine. I have started work on editing, and am currently expanding my repetoire of tricks.
    • For the second marking period, I focused more on the photo editing. This is helpful because I noticed that many YouTubers make custom thumbnails for their videos, and I thought it would be a good idea. I also noticed that popular YouTubers have Channel Backgrounds so I made one of those as well. I am using a program called Pixelmator. Is is kind of like MS Paint, but it fells nicer. The interface is cleaner, and the tools are easier to use.
  • Programming and iPhone Game Design
    • For this project, Trevor and I have worked very hard looking at Game design and at ways to implement different game genres. We realized that we need programming skills in order to make a game, so we have both started an online programming course in Javascript. While not the most efficient language, it will serve as a stepping stone into the likes of Python and html. We are both very excited to be working on this project and cannot wait for what we can make in the fourth quarter!
    • In the fourth quarter, we had less time, and accomplished less than what we did in other quarters. Because of perseverance and determination, however, we were able to still accomplish a large amount of progress. Both Trevor and I had fun coding and learning the lessons on CodeAcademy and CodeCombat. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Thinkering Studio and I would have loved to have been in the class sooner. I am thankful for my time in Thinkering Studio and I have learned a lot and made many friends.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today, I have finished my profile picture and put it up on YouTube. I have also put it up on my Pixelmator page on the wiki. I am very excited to start recording and I have gotten all of the video in place. The only thing left to do for my Guild Wars 2 video is to have the audio recorded to I can put the video in accordingly"
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it was one of my most productive classes in my first year, and it was a day that I learned a lot. I was able to accomplish much in this period. I felt like I understood how to use the screen record better. I also felt like it was when I got a really good grasp of the program.
  • "I have achieved the video being posted and I am very pleased with the result. It can be found on my YouTube page. https://www.youtube.com/user/ItsTheDomo/videos"
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it was the first video that I got posted on my YouTube page. It was the first time I was putting media out to a large-scale audience. It was a risk, because I had to be ready if people hated my video, but I was prepared. This was also the first time I had edited a video to make something with multiple parts, so it was very exciting for me.

Top Peer Reflections

  • "I liked your video with Nic, and it was very informative. At the beginning of the video, the gamely in particular looked a little bit choppy, but overall it was well done. If you record your own gameplay, I would suggest finding a way to do it so that the video quality improves."
    • I chose to highlight this Peer Reflection because I felt like it was one where I was really able to give constructive criticism to my friend. Usually I struggle to find something good about my peers, leaning more towards more direct criticism. This was an opportunity where I felt I could have been a lot more cruel about the state of the video and harsher regarding the editing techniques, but instead I chose to be kinder.
  • Overall, the page looks clean and well designed. I can clearly navigate it, and the time lapse was done in a sense that not much extra garbage was shot and Marshall is the main focus. If you could get the YouTube widgets in place with the videos from YouTube(If you've already posted them) then it would look a bit more aesthetically pleasing. If you haven't put your videos on YouTube yet, I would recommend doing so.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because this was one of the best projects I had to write a review on. It was difficult to find something for the person I was writing a review for to improve, which was nice. I had to thoroughly think about the page on man levels and aspects, and it required more thought. I really enjoyed writing this reflection because it gave me a chance to get to the nitty-gritty with certain aesthetics that needed work.

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