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Paint-Ballin Project Proposal
  • This project we learned how to fly a drone. We used how to fly a so we can take cool videos of us doing action sports and
put them into montages. We made some videos with our drone. We hope to get better at making these videos and make new ones later. I am working with drew and merit on the project.

Final Cut Pro
  • this project is about Merritt and I working on making scenes. We learned a lot about final cut but we learned even more about how to edit a proper video. Also me and Merritt are eventually going to work on a short film. I liked a lot about this project working with Merritt was fun because i have never worked with him. another thing i liked was being able to use final cut a learn the ins and outs. If you want to edit good videos and learn alot about film and video editting this is the project for you

  • we are looking for cool senses last week we thought we were going to do a running sense but now we are thinking about a wild west sense. we cant find out what it is called. we also need a tripod.
    • I like this reflection because we and Merritt ended up putting a tripod on a chair and it worked well. This was also one of are first time filming. Another good part was trying to mock a real movie scene.
  • I enjoyed this presentation because i helped Merritt learn and how far he has came. I want him to learn more effects because he is using the basics. Also he should learn a few more tools that are a little more harder to use so he can make much more high quality videos
    • I liked this because I showed Merritt how to use final cut and he was starting to make his only videos. Merritt has progressed a lot since we worked together.

Drew Daniel and rick Paintball

  • this project is about paintballling with are Gopro's cameras this cameras have a very strong case. we mounted are Gopro's on are barrels and used iMovie to make the montages. once we started to make munch we wanted to learn how to use final cut. we learned alot from this channel like learning how to mange a youtube channel. we hope to continue this project.Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
    • this was my first project in thinking that I have done. i learned how to us final cut this program has a large about of thing you can do with it i have leaned a lot but i am still learning more things. final cut is a video edit program in witch there are many tools and thing you can use. We also learned how to follow a schedule. the schedule we followed was we paintballed over the weekend then we started to edit on monday and tried to finished. I also got beter with working in groups and we each did separate things that relied on each other.
  • learn final cut pro. I watch a few videos on how to use final cut pro and i just started to edit a clip.we have been postting a video every week witch has been are plain. but we were not able to today because Daniel wasn't here to day. we hope he will post it later today.
    • I like this reflection because it shows that we are following are schedule. it also show that we are working it also is when are youtube channel started to grow.I also like this reflection because even thought he wasn't there he still worked on his video.
  • liked the the chef boyardee back round I hope you can make me one. I think you should make a video of you doing it and speed it up then post it. Also i think you should make a a chalge for your self.
    • I liked this critique because i was responding to merits photo shop page were he had chefboyardee to have a munch of him.I like this reflefion be it show that i can use a postive reflection to critique. i also like it becuse i give hime diffrent ideas for his project.

  • photoshop and final cut
    • this a good project because I learned lots of things I learned the basics of photoshop. I learned how to over lap images and make a logo or a picture. my main goal was to learn how to make a logo. I accomplished my goal because i used youtube tutorials and merrit helped me because i didn't understand what some tools do and how to move pictures. I liked this project because you can do alot with photo shop a

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  • "Copy/paste a favorite reflection here."
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  • "Copy/paste a favorite reflection here."
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