DCB3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Beat Making
    • This is my favorite project I did this quarter because I like music. I liked doing this project because I really like listening to music, mainly rap, so I wanting to start making music. It is fun messing around on Garage Band and making it sound good. Also, I get to start uploading beats to Soundcloud. This is why this is my favorite project I did this quarter.
  • Python Coding
    • This was my favorite project I did this quarter for many reasons. First, this was really the project I did for the whole time except the final week. Next, I started doing CSS coding for part of it and it was really fun. Also, it was hard to figure out how to do all the aspects of making a webpage such as borders and things like that. Finally this is what I want to do when I grow up.
  • Python Coding
    • This is my favorite project I did this quarter. One reason this is my favorite project is because I thought it was a little bit chaleling and sometimes it took me a little bit to understand what they where teaching me. Also I think coding is really fun its instering to think that a computer can do things like this. Finally if you learn how to code really good you can create really fun games and things like that.
  • Coding
    • This is my favorite project i did this quarter because, I want to become a programmer when i grow up and this helps that. Also, I think its cool that i'm learning how to make a website. Next, I think that learning to code is cool because you can make something personalized by adding code you want. Finally, I think that it is cool to make a game by coding it.
  • Balloon Powered Car
    • This is my favorite project I did this quarter because I think it was cool to make a car that could move with a balloon and not something like gas. Next, we learned a lot about F.A.I.L.ure because at some time we couldn't even make the car move. Also, we learned how to create something that could move. Finally, we got to experiment with different looking cars.
  • NBA Blog
    • This is my favorite project I did this quarter, because I really like sports and this was based around sports. Also we got to study basketball and learn more about it. Also we got to learn how to make a blog and get the word out. Also it was cool working with my friend. It was also the only project I did this quarter because i was so interested of it.
  • Slime Project
    • This is my favorite project I did in the first quarter because it was really fun learning how to make slime then making it. We FAILed a lot but at the end we made pretty good slime. I also learned how to problem solve better. Also we learned how to post a video to YouTube and check on views and other things like that on YouTube

Top Reflections:

  • I / We want to learn...
  • how to use pianos that sound good. Also I want to make a beat mainly using a saxophone . Finally I want to use something else then Trap door
    • This was my favorite reflection I did this quarter because I think I explain that I want to start changing the things I'm making. Also, I think I'm describing how I'm doing the same thing.
  • Here are some questions I / We have..

    I don't quite understand what's the difference between Margin and Padding, but I think Margin is how from it is from other elements and Padding is from the edge of that element. Also, I'm not sure of a good way to keep idea i have. I found a website site that can use Java CSS and HTML in one thing so thats proboly what I'm going to do
    • This was my favorite reflection I did this quarter because I think I said what was hard for me to understand. Also, I explain that I found someplace to show off what I was learning. Finally, I explained what I know.
  • My goal for this project is to learn how to code using python. Also if I'm able to do that then my goal is to make a game. Once I make the game I want to get the game avabible on stem so other people can use my creation. If I was able to do all this I would want to start making money of the game. These are my goals for this project."
    • This was my favorite reflection I did this quarter because I think its pretty stright forward and gets to the point. I say what I my goal is once I'm finished learning. Also I describe my future goals like I want to make a game that others can play. I also said I want to start making profits off this because this is what I want to do as a job. This is why that was my favorite reflection of the first quarter.
  • "I / We want to learn.
    For my next project I want to learn how code. I want to because I think its really cool. I'm going to use Codecademy to learn.

    • This is my favorite reflection I did for this quarter because I think I did a good job at explaining what I going to do for my next project. Also, I already had plans on what website I wanted to use to learn coding. Finally, I also want to know why I wanted to do it.
  • My/Our goals for this project are...
    That we will make a fast car. That goes pretty far. Also make it light weight and easy to make.
    • This is my favorite reflection because I think it explains our goals really well. Also it says we want to make a light car so they know we don't want to make a live sized car. Finally, it says we want to make it fast so they know we want it to have lots of speed and not slow and steady.
  • One example of a FAILure we had was ...

    We couldn't post a video to YouTube. So we asked Mr. Whiter to help us so he helped make a YouTube account for us. Then we got our video uploaded!
    • I liked this reflection because it was probably the best one I did. Even though it wasn't that long it had a lot a info. This is also the one about getting the YouTube which was the hardest week we had. We also made a YouTube channel that week. Finally, It showed how we F.A.I.L.ed then asked people how to do it.

Top Critiques:

  • I liked the sound on the videos, it was pretty good. I think the videos would be much better without the "The End" black screen at the end.
    • I liked this critique I did because I think I explained well what I liked then said what I thought he could improve on. Also I like how I started with a complaint then said what I disliked.

  • "I liked your project, I think the things your making. I like how your covering them with clay so they look more realistic. You think you could add clothes and other accessories on them.
    • I liked this critique because I think I got straight to the point. Also, I gave him advice on how to make his project a lot better. Finally, I told him what I think he's doing right.

All Projects: