DAS3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Our youtube channel on our photography
    • we chose this project because its a way to show the world how creative we can be
    • we chose this project because we enjoy teaching people how to do complex things
    • we chose this project because we can express ourselves

Top Reflections:

  • Today we experimented with photos and found some inspiration and i learned that art is my way of expressing myself. not with word ,nor actions but with my art music fashion and more.

    • I chose this reflection because it shows how detail I can be and how poetic
    • I chose this reflection because it tells whoever reads my page who I am and what I can be
    • I chose this reflection because it gives me inspiration to write more poetic things
  • I learned that I have a high art skills, shading is my only weakness though, sometimes it still looks streaky or to bold but I have a lot of skills and recources to use

Top Critiques:

  • I need to brush up on my computer skills because I was really confused when I was making a trailer for another project I'm juggling with, adding photos to videos is not my specialty and I'm not good with tech I remember learning to use computers and I was slower than other kids.
    • I chose this critique because it tells you my weakness and my learning skills and my memory.

All Projects:

  • day 1: draw and plan
  • day 2: finish drawing
  • day 3: go over drawing with pen
  • day 4: paint
  • day 5:paint
  • day 6: seal
  • day 7: find a way to present
  • day 8: make an explanation of the meaning
  • day 9: ask for opinions
  • day 10: get feedback
  • day 11:learn about our mistakes
  • day 12: make another ideas
  • day 13:exicute
  • day 14: feed back
  • day 15: showcase