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  • Stop Motion
    • I Picked that because I have done it before and I like it so I wanted to try it again. I used a different program for stop motion so it was harder than the first time.

  • imovie for iphone
    • I picked that because I have never used Imovie before and I wanted to try it out. IT was easier on the Ipod than the computer

Top Reflections:

  • "Bear taught us some techniques for video taping. We practice some tricks and techniques on soccer. We will be ready for next time to record.

    • I picked this reflection because it shows that I have been learning something.

  • "Today I learned that to publish a game you need a publishing liecinces. To embed you have to publish it. I will do gamestar next time

    • I picked this reflection because it shows I'm learning things from just playing with the game

  • "I learned how to do stamps in the photo shopping app. I also learned how to How to color the pictures that you are photo shopping. It is working out good.
    • I picked this reflection because it shows that I was learning different things in more than one topic