DAM5 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1 (Minecraft Amusement Park)

  • It is fun and we get to use code in a game we also get to modify the park with code. We were going to actually code a game but we took the middle road and made it easier. Because we are able to make roller coasters in a way that would be impossible in the real world. I haven't played Minecraft in a while and it feels like a fun reminder of the game.

  • Project 2 (Learning Java) we are learning java so we can create a video game.

  • Project 3 (Designing with Unity)
    • I am working on Unity, I am trying to create a fun video game. I am using Unity 5 Game engine to make video games and software. I am having lots of fun with this project.
  • Project 3 Continuing Designing with Unity
    • I am continuing my work on Unity 5. I have started to import models from other games for fun. I am learning a lot about C Sharp and a lot about game engines. I am glad I chose this project.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today i was editing my portfolio i haven't used mine craft or red stone so i haven't learned anything about my topic or tool yet. I learned about myself that i am having fun more in this class than in other classes. it may be because in other classes you don't get to use computers. i also learned that i love computers.

    • I learned that i like open ranged learning a lot more than regular boring curriculum learning

  • I learned in my project the useful ness of Java in a coding Project. i learned that Python may have been an better alternative.
  • I followed the questions on the documentation and reflection page. I talked about how i learned about myself. I talked about my tool. I also wrote about how i like learning.

8th Q1
    • "I Remade all of my Player Controller Script and its file, I am finished with all the coding once again. I added the Count text and win text to Player controller, and made the code compile correctly. It may be easier if I saved my code when it works and make separate files. I experienced many different glitches while coding but fixed them. A strategy I used was using C sharp Compilers online. I noticed that Josh had more difficulty with the engine I helped him, but next time I need him to learn more by himself. I have shown Evidence in my growth mindsets. with my new strategies. I had a lot of difficult fun compiling the code. I learned that learning is not easy unless you try harder. This connects to the world in general because working hard works in real life. I have a new perspective of myself and how I work hard in projects. there are some connections with this project and last years mc project because the projects gets a lot more fun at the end."
  • "I tried to get rid of the jumping, but then I had to use ramps. I finished making platforms and I added a Buch of them. I made the code compile correctly once more. it may be easier if I duplicated my project just in case something goes wrong. I experienced many glitches in my project. a strategy I used was searching up tutorials online. A strategy I used was compiling my code online. I noticed that Josh was starting to improve so I asked him for help. I have shown evidence in a growth mindset by adapting to asking Josh for help.

  • I added a bunch of weird and different models. I finished adding the models. I could make it cooler with collision. I learned about a modeling site. I was thinking about how I should implement the collusion and if I should ask josh how to. I felt good when I imported the models to unity. A strategy I used was youtube. I noticed that I had a strength in unity. I did well applying a growth mindset to unity because I learned how I can change my mindset for the better. an example f a Fail is when I messed up.

  • Top Critiques:

  • "Hey Karl, your project was great. I would like to know if there is an easier way to show what you've done. This a great project and a great pc you built though. Thanks for showing it!"

    • Because it was polite.

    • Because it explained what was wrong.

    • because it was encouraging.

    • because it was understanding.

  • "I like how you are making a shoe gallery. I wish it was easier to see it."
    • Straight to the point asked questions nicely.

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