Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Cyborg Hand
Penn and Harrison
We are trying to make a working cardboard robotic hand
The process of engineering with limited parts.
We are interested in creating DIY machines that maneuver well and are manual.
Cardboard, Straws, String, Hot Glue, Human Hand (For it to work.)
Main Steps:
  • Draw an outline of your hand on the cardboard
  • Cut out the perimeter of your palm
  • Glue stays onto the outline of the hand
  • Make knuckles on the fingers
  • Add string throughout the hand
  • Document process with iPod touch or iPad
  • Share project in action via video on wiki page
3 Class Periods
  • Yuri Ostr -
  • We will learn from the challenges and fix our problems
Attaching all of the materials
We both don't have a strong background in engineering
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward
  • We will let others use it and grab/ pick up materials with the hand
  • Photos and videos on wiki page
We will put it with another product of similar use and see which works better
Yes, we can measure based off of how its working
We are making a semi robotic hand. We are making this for those who need help grabbing or holding things.