Cardboard Hand


"Final" Project

  • Per2scissors.jpgHsk1string.jpgHsk1straws.jpgPer2cardboard.jpgHsk1cutstraw.jpgHsk1gluecardboard.jpgPer2gluecardboard2.jpgPer2gluestraws.jpgHsk1smallcardboard.jpgHsk1smallcardboard2.jpgPer2gluestring.jpg

"Final" Project Reflection

  • We learned about machinery without technology.

Steps & Tips

  • Get your supplies [Cardboard, Straws, Hot Glue Gun, Box Cutter, String, Ruler]. Next, cut your cardboard based off of measurements from your hand/arm Next, cut straws. Next, glue your straws onto the 'finger section' of the cardboard. Next, cut your string. Next, put your string through the straws next, create finger loop holes. Next, glue second piece of cardboard on to back for a sturdy arm/hand.

Difficulties, F.A.I.L.s, & Reflections

  • We had trouble with hot glue and trying to create finger loops.
  • We watched videos on the subjects and those really helped us.