tips and tricks for can you escape

level one

C y e 1
first find stuff that looks needed to leave the room then if you cant use that then look at the other stuff to get farther in the level.
remember the colors an the order and numbers too.\

level two

ok you beat lv1 but lv2 is harder.

gch2 cyelv2a.jpg
then tap around till you find a small box.

gch2 cye lv2b.jpg

remember the numbers on the box. then back out of the place you are looking then tap under it.

gch2 cye lv2c.jpg

then put the numbers in then open the box.
then get the thing then

gch2 c y e lv2d .jpg

use it then get the key.

gch2 c y e lv2e.jpg

get the key card then open thew door.
lv2 beat!!!!

level three

this is somehow easier than lv 2!

gch2 c y e lv3a.jpg

get the wrench and proceed

gch2 c y e lv3b.jpg

get the pipe for later

gch2 c y e lv3c.jpg

get the card for later in the bottom shelf

gch2 c y e lv3e.jpg

find the code and remember

gch2 c y e lv3f.jpg

remember this then put it in the computer.

gch2 c y e lv3g.jpg

put the key in the spot and done.

level four

its a challenge

gch2 c y e lv4 A.jpg

remember the order and go to the glass wine case

gch2 c y e lv4 B.jpg

put in the color code then take the bottle opener

gch2 c y e lv4 C.jpg

move the plant and open the compartment with the bottle opener

gch2 c y e lv4 D.jpg
get the blind mover for later use

gch2 c y e lv4 E.jpg
go to the chair and get the battery for the end

gch2 c y e lv4 F.jpg
get the knife open the box put the battery in it and go to the hole in the middle of the room

gch2 c y e lv4 G.jpg
get the key and open the door!!

level five