Camo Cake

Skill: i learned how to create patterns inside of a cake. this means i now can create multicolored batter without it blending.

  1. First mix the duff cake ingredients with 2 eggs and 1 1/3 cup of water in a large bowl and mix
  2. Next you will need to divide the batter equally into 3 bowls
  3. then you will need to add two drops of pink food coloring into one of the bowls and the rest of the food coloring in the other bowl
  4. you will then need to take spoons of batter and divide the batter among the pan
  5. you will then bake the two cakes and then cover them with frosting

camo cake 1 rab3.jpgcamo cake 2 rab3.jpgcamo cake 3 rab3.jpg

camo cake 5 rab3.jpgcamo cake 6 rab3.jpgcamo cake 7 rab3.jpgcamo cake 8 rab3.jpgcamo cake 9 rab3.jpgcamo cake 10 rab3.jpg