CAE2 Webkinz page

what I did today 3/5/14:

I did my daily challenges. Carina invited me over to her hosue, and I played
quizzy's corner for health and social studies. I played a different character than last week.


Webkinz is unavailable today so I was not able to play.

what i did today:
I did my daily events which are on the top of this page.
I played quizzy's corner:
i went to the doctors office:

doctors office.png
I played webkinz supermodelz with carina:

supermodels.pngI I went shopping:
what I did today:

daily events: powerpoint is on the top of page. I did science on quizzy's corner. I went over ot carina's house.

I played with carina at the clubhouse:girls rule.pngsleeping.pngI played on the trampoline. trampoline.png

what I did today 4/3/14:

I played quizzy's corner science:

quizzy corner science.png

I did my daily events( the powerpoint at the top)

I went to doctor quack's clinic:

doctor office emily.png

I did a lot of the other events from yesterday.

I bought a kitchen set:

kitchen set.png

I got a job:

job newspaper.png

I played chef challenge:


Carina came over:

coming over.png

Good night: