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    • because I feel like people don't really know how to. I also like it because it might be really fun for people. and I will recomendit to people eight years or older.
    • I liked this project because it was fun to do and to wach. It we also be good if you wanted to learn how to play. and it can infuence people to do the same.

Iliked this project because me and kellen had to really look hard so we can find the logo and the stats of the players. we also put so much work into the backround and the small details we got our information from and our document came in microsoft power point. and the pictures are from and

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  • "Today I/we taped it not working.So we can see it do better whith three balloons. and a diffrent wheels.."
    • I like this highlight because i shown how hard we worked. And how much problems we came across durring we were making it.we also made a lot of adjustments to the car.
    • we made a new screen cast And also posted and found another project. Called marsh mellow kingdom
      I chose this reflection because when I look at it it makes me laugh.
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