CWH3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

    • Jack and I chose to do this project so we can learn how to use a 3D Printer and a 3D Printer software. Also if the first project went well we were going to print cases for our iPhone's. Now I choose this project because I didn't know how to use a 3D Printer and now I have been getting really good at using it and the software. This project also lets me work with partners and learn from them. Jack and I worked really well together..
  • I learned lot in this project. One of them is I learned how to use the 3D printer software, this could help me in the future because 3D printers are getting bigger in this generation and it will be useful to know how to use one. Also I learned how to make it so we can we know how to print and do other good things with them. But it was very boring and I feel it took to long.
    • The only reason I put this in my highlights was because this was the only project i have done in the past 2 quarters.
  • Cole and Jack Gopro Skiing Remix
    • Jack and I chose this project because we both love to ski and we want to see our self's on jumps and other hard things. I have many thins to learn including IMovie putting songs into videos and posting to Youtube. I have will also learn from Jack and others how to be good at IMovie and how to do the editing on my own. I am also very confident that Jack and I are a good team to work together.
  • My favorite project was the Skiing Remix project.
    • This was my favorite project because I liked watching myself and Jack ski and it was cool to post it on youtube. I thought it was cool because we have a chance to get some views from skiing even though it was a fail video. I also liked how we put the effects in the videos and how we learned to get the perfect angle for different tricks and I know enough now so I can get some footage at my camp and make a good video.

Top Reflections:
  • "We got the stl file on the mac we have the car completed and we didn't get it printed. We are waiting to get a respond from Mr.Brown. We asked him if we could print it during academic lab. We also learned how to make 3d print on the program, for our license plate. The forums helped us learn how to use the pro version more efficient. The forums also tough us some cool tricks and we learned from other people mistakes, because they would complain on the forums about there train wreck of piece of plastic."
    • I chose this reflection because we got a lot done and didn't get off topic and we were closing up our project and getting closer and closer to printing our car. Also we saw how to use our software that day.
  • My/Our goals for this project are to print something and to see how the 3D printer prints. We still are waiting for Mr. Brown to email us back so we can print and then Sam G and I will do a hockey highlight project.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows that I am eager to be done. Also it shows what else I want to do. Lastly it shows that Mr.Brown won't let us print which is the reason we aren't done.
  • We just need Mr Whitmer to say yes to our proposal and we will start editing. My/Our goals for this project are to be able to do it.
    • I chose this reflection because I feel that it proves that I am ready to start and eager to start as well. Also it shows my passion for skiing because I want others to see me skiing to. Lastly it shows my short term goal and how badly I want to achieve it.
  • We are very close to be done with our video we want to put some little part in it but it may take a long time. I / We want to know... how to put in the explosion in one of our edits to make the video look cooler.
    • I chose this reflection over all my other reflections because it shows that I cared about making a good video and that I wanted to get lots of views on this video. Lastly it shows that I wanted to stretch what I knew.

Top Critiques:

  • I think your pillow idea is cool. But I don't really understand what a DIY is maybe you could explain it better so everyone knows what it is. Also you should get a network so yo don't get any points taken away.
    • I felt that this was a great critique for many reasons. One is that I was very descriptive on what I didn't understand. Also I was very considerate and I think that the person would appreciate that. Lastly I made sure to tell her that she didn't have a network so both of us didn't get marked down.
  • THIS IS COLE! I think that you did good overall, but you should make your answers longer and maybe fix some spelling mistakes. So you don't get marked down.
    • I feel that this is a great critique because I told her about the spelling mistakes. Also I was nice because I said that she did good overall. Lastly I said told her that her answers are short so she won't get marked down.
  • Your project is pretty good. Just there are 2 things that you should change. 1 you can barley hear what you are saying for this you could use microphones. Also your questions are not entertaining and you could fix that by googling better questions or look at some interviews on youtube.
    • I chose this critique because it shows the problem with the project but it also shows how the problem can be fixed. Also it shows some ways to make their overall project better.

All Projects:

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