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movie trailers: when me and caroline were working on are other projects we got bored, and we saw others doing a movie. we thought it would be boring but then we thought again.... we love watching movies so it would probably be even more fun to make one our selfs.
we picked movies because you can do whatever you want and no matter what people say about it, it will always be good in your own way. movies have fun, action, comedy, horror, and much more ways you can put it. so me and caroline thought it would be the prefect project to do for a whilie and when we post it people would enjoy.
video star: Caroline and I picked video star because me and caroline are fun and outgoing and thats what video star is. my friend, kelsey showed me this app we think that it would be fun to do in thinkering. me and caroline listen to music all the time and to dance is another thing. we thought video star is cool with all the different effects you can use and make. you can also get a account if you want and upload them for people to see and watch. me and caroline will keep doing video star but maybe half way from the year we will stop.
community service massages: caroline and i chose community service because its fun to make videos that help people all around the world. they are fun and funny to make and again they help people around the world. and we haven't posted any yet but we are going to soon. and anyone can make a community service massage with a camera, script, and some props! so don't think that you can't because anyone can make a community service video.... anyone! lol
"today we have tons of fun i mean TONS! we made a commuity serivce message for bullying and made a sort film for it we learned that 1 of 7 students are a bully or a victum." i choosed that relfection because that day we learned alot and had lots of fun making message that actully help people all over the world and we will contine recording these videos and getting ideas for them! well intill we get bored.