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  • CTI2 Minecraft Portfolio

    • I am currently making a football field in minecraft like i have been for the past while. once i finish everything a normal football field has I will add a redstone cart going around the top of the whole field.I actually haven't made much progress since my last entry because my world froze and didn't save any of my progress that day and that was when i made the MOST progress. I will learn by the end of this how to use different materials in minecraft such as redstone and minecarts. I realized that it takes a lot longer to fill in the filed by my self than it would be with a partner. I also chose this project because i never actually learned so much from a project in this class

  • CTI2 Minecraft Portfolio
    • I am still making a football field in minecraft. I have made much more progress since my last portfolio entry. I have learned to place the blocks a lot faster by sprinting backwards while placing the blocks. I am trying to figure out how many blocks apart the yard lines should be. I'm making the yard lines out of white wool. I have learned that i should have counted the blocks while i was making the out line of the field. Tanner and Charlie E. Told me i should do that but i already made mine without counting. I will try to finish the field in the next couple of weeks.

  • CTI2 minecraft portfolio
    • I am making a football stadium in minecraft. I haven't made much progress yet because i was trying to figure out where to build it. i'm thinking about making stands after I'm done building the field. i am trying to figure out if i want to make it a team field like putting a logo in the middle or not. i think i will make the field out of colored wool.

  • Lego logos project portfolio
    • I chose to put this project on my portfolio because I made a lot with legos and this is the first time I've used legos for a project. I made boxes which I think are really cool because you can put things inside them. I made a big lego wall to house my boxes.

  • Tanner & Charlie's Slime!
    • I chose to put this up here because i thought it was really cool and fun to make. I thought it would be really hard to make without PVA but we did it and it turned out good
  • Gassy Lava Lamp Portfolio
    • This project was really cool and i thought it would be fun to show. I did this project by myself and i had fun making it because as soon as i added the tablet it started to act almost alive. Bubbles were coming up everywhere and you could hear it.
  • Cti2 gamestar portfolio

    • I really liked this project because it was a strategic game and it was cool how you could make your own levels. I liked that you could use many idfferent characters and tools and try to get by many enemies. It was a cool thing how when you are making a level or playing a level you could make multiple stages.

Top Reflections:

  • What helped your learning? I learned that using potion of swiftness makes it a lot easier and quicker to fill in the field and add extra lairs. At first i wasn't going very fast then i looked in my inventory and found the swiftness potion and i was going so much faster. This helped my learnng because i will know to use it next time.Filling up big sections at a time is also a big help i can use for next time. It really helped pick up the pace for filling it in.
    • I chose this reflection because it think it is actually what helped me with my progress the most on my field. Even though it was only a type 1 i still think it was my best in this quarter

  • I/We got further than I/we had planned because.. I almost finished filling in the whole field. I need to add the yard lines every ten blocks. I will need to make field goals next week in class. I realized that the field is in the middle of no where and thats good.

    • I chose this reflection because I think it's my best reflection. I have made a lot of progress since last time i have entered in the portfolio. I am glad i am making a football field because when i finish i will be proud of my self.

  • I/We have changed my/our plan... i was looking for a project in real life not a computer. i decided to do minecraft.
    i have to do it on a class macbook because i would have to buy it on my computer.
    • I put this on my portfolio because it affected my project by making me choose minecraft as my project. I'm glad i chose it because i was looking for a project on the computer.
  • || || || My/our achievement was affected by ... The wifi connection was not very strong. This caused me to not be able to get my pictures on the wiki. || || ||
    • I put this on my portfolio because it had a big affect on my project because I was going to start a new project but I couldn't because I needed to post my last picture.

  • ""We are having diffuculty with getting the borax solution and the PVA solution.
    We are thinking about getting the two things from either Mr. Emmi or Mr. Mixon
    • I posted this one because we needed the PVA solution and we couldnt find it so we just found a way to make the slime without PVA..
  • I worked hard in trying to make the slime. Trying to post the pictures to the wiki was easy a finished it"
    • The slime looked easy to make and we were all ready but we couldnt find PVA solution. we tried for a ccouple days and we just couldnt find it so we decided to use No PVA. we posted the opictures to the wiki and it looked great.

  • I worked hard in trying to make the slime. Trying to post the pictures to the wiki was easy and we finished it.

    • I chose this reflection because i was really successful that day. When we finished the slime we worked hard to get the pictures of my Ipad and onto the wiki from the computer

Top Critiques:
  • I think you should do a big variety of sports.
    • I chose this because it help him a a future video

  • I think that you should do more interviews and make it more of a otur to go around the school
    • I chose this because It could help them get further in there project

  • I suggest you should make aniother video with a combination of all sports
    • I chose this because I think this could help him make another video.

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