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I think my best project this year was my BYOPC project. This is where I build a pc using parts ordered online and benchmark the computer. Benchmarking is where you put a stressful graphics test through the gpu (graphics processing unit) and see how fast the frame rate is. My pc did very well in the graphics test but not very well in the physics test. After this project I really understood how computers work and how they are put together before I had no idea how anything like this worked
Build Your Own PC
I chose this reflection as my favorite:
One way I/we connected/collaborated with others was ...
When I helped Logan pick a processor and other things for his pc build. He does not have a lot of experience with it because he has not built one yet. I have built one so my opinion might be important to him. I helped him realize that a i7 cpu is not necessary for just gaming and that he could scale down to an i5.
I chose this reflection because it shows that I helped someone. We are not really supposed to talk to people in this class but I was aloud to help him because we have the same project.

This is a good critique that I have done:
If you had more visuals it would be easier for people to see your project.
I chose this because the person had a good project but there wast really any pictures or anything like that to show people what the project was. If they added visuals (like pictures) people would be able to see there project and give feedback on it.

Top Projects:

  • Photography
    • I choose to highlight this project here because I worked on it so much outside of school. Almost all of the pictures that I took were taken outside of school. I also still love to take pictures so the project is still affecting me today, 4 months after the project. I think that this project is part of what got me to sign up for the photography class in highschool. I think that I will remember this project for a long time after I leave covington.
  • Build Your Own PC
    • In this project I will order all parts needed to build a computer and then build it. I chose to highlight this project here because it takes a lot of time and effort. I have also worked on this quite a bit outside of school. I feel like this project is very hard because to actually build a PC you need to know how all the parts work, how they fit together and where they go. I am sharing this project by making a time lapse video of me building it and I will probably post It from my new computer. I have saved up a lot of money to pay for this PC and I have worked really hard to find the best parts available for the cheapest price. I also have a lot of friends who have built computers and they have shown me that building is the better option when you are talking about gaming.
  • CSC 3D printer project
    • I chose to highlight this project here because it is my only and first project so far. I chose this project because the 3D printer is rarely new technology. I also feel like these will be used a lot more in the future and it will be good to have the experience of using one. If I can learn to design things on a 3D
    • I have printed my name and gotten the experience to continue on to something new or something that is more complicated. If I chose to do the more complicated I would continue on with the 3D printing if I did something else I would probably move onto something like Kerbol Space Program or Civ.
  • Civilisation Project
    • I chose to highlight this here because I am having a lot of fun on this project. I have started to get better since I have started to play. I had no experience plain civ at the time of my start. I feel like my progress is easily seen.
    • I have leaned many things since the start of my project. For example I have learned what to use in a certain situation. Like if I was attacking a city I would use a catapult instead of a horseman.
    • In civilization the main goal is to win. There are a few ways this can happen. You could have a science win ware you research everything in the game . or you could have a militaristic win ware you get world coquets. The last way you can win is by completing the utopia project witch you do by having all social polices.
  • Programing Project
    • I chose to highlight this project here because I fell like I learned learned the most out of any of my project in this one. I did not know what programing was until I started with this project.
    • I have learned a lot on code academy. I have mostly learned the basics of java script witch is used to make things like a snake game. I also learned how coding can be applied to things like RPGs in code combat.

Top Reflections:

  • This week I/we had a breakthrough when I discovered reddit. there are tons of people around the world speaking there opinion on everything you can think of. This helps my project because there are multiple subreddits for FTL and i can submit a text post or link to ask questions.I learned that I like getting others opinions on things.A weakness I noticed that it can get kind of convoluted if a post gets popular and it gets off topic. How can I contribute to the reddit comunity?
    • I highlighted this journal here because it shows a growth mindset by trying different things

  • One example of me/us managing our time well was when I finished my proposal quickly and got to work on my new project. I did some good research and learned how to apply thermal paste to a heat sink and CPU. I spent some time on PC part picker and edited my build by adding a solid state drive.I also learned about what a heat sink was and what it does. Lastly I had a hard tim figuring out how to get all my parts into my proposal.
    • I highlighted this journal here because I feel like I got a lot of work and learning done that week, it is also one of my longest journals of the year.

  • I am done with my name but I ran into some problems with an STL file. I also found out that you can use a sketch up file with the maker-bot replicator 2.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection here because I feel like this is were I learned the most.
  • I tried to transfer my name file from the desktop to the mac but it did not work. I just ended up making my name file again but this time on the mac and sketch up pro. I plan to print it.
    • I highlighted this because it shows were I ruined into some problems
  • I started a new civilization last week so i will continue with the new one.
    • I chose this one because it shows that sometimes you need to start over and try again. If you keep going you will lose pretty quickly. In this situation My capitol was destroyed so it told me that I lost.
  • The ten hours of code is going really well and I have learned how to program functions, variables, games and lots of other stuff.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it shows progress in my work.
  • This year I have learned that I am very good at research. Through my build your own PC and photography project I have had to research a ton of research on what to get and what the best prices are. infact I have liked the camera I got so much that I am continuing my project outside of school and I just bought a new macro lens. For my PC I have built it and use it daily, I have learned that with my own computer I can do much more because I don't have to worry about deleting other peoples stuff on the family computer. Without this I would have a much harder time doing school work at home and playing games because there are other people that want to use the family computer.

    type 3
    • what you learned about learning
    • I highlighted this reflection here because it shows how I have grown over the year. I started off not knowing much about doing research to buy things and finding good prices. Today I can probably show anyone the best possible price on anything in only a few minutes. I have also learned a ton about computers and how they work. When I first started my build your own computer project I knew almost nothing about computers. But the more reaserch I did the more I found out and learned.
  • Top peer edits
  • I think you should make other videos of just the quarterback throwing the ball or just the wide receiver catching it. It will cut out some of the time spent of them just running and keep it interesting.
    • I chose this one because it will help him with his final product, he can put the ideas into his video and make it better.
  • I think it would be a good idea to challenge yourself and build a space plane.
    • I chose this edit because I think it actually helped him stretch his learning and challenge himself. It is also a good suggestion he might actually use.
  • Peer edit 1
    • I chose this because I think that adding this into his project will make it easier to get feedback from other people. It will also make it look more neat.
  • Peer edit 2
    • I think this will help her give more info on her project to the people looking at it so she can find more way to improve it. I also think that If she adds what I said it will make it easier to find what she is looking for
  • For your project I think you should take screenshots of what your doing with your civilization.
    • I chose this because I ended up using this.
  • Peer edit 3
    • You have a good project and have taken some good pictures, can you add some pictures from the school?

      • I chose to use this peer edit because I think it is a good Idea for her project because it is iPhone photography
  • If you had more visuals it would be easier for people to see your project.\

    • I chose to highlite this reflection because it gave her ideas on how to share the project. It didn't just say "I like your project", or "you should be more creative". It actually gave her a suggestion on what to do. I also could not find very many of my peer edits so yeah.

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