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  • crh1 gamestar portfolio

    • I choose this project because it was really a challenge for me to make a whole new game. Despite these challenges this project was also really fun to learn how to make my own games and to defeat other peoples games.
  • I highlighted this project because it tough me many game making skills and i had a fun time doing it.

    Galaxy slime proposal

    • I choose this project because it was awesome that i could make slime at home, i loved making it and it was a fun experience to do.
      • i choose to highlight this project because it was a challenge, i had to work with materials i had never used before and now i can use more materials for further projects.

Top Reflections:

  • I tried to finish my project but i ran into a problem because i forgot that i had to make a coloring book, but i recovered from this problem because Izzy helped me by drawing some outlines.
    • I choose this reflection because this was a good day for me and i was hoping top start looking for a new project and i succeeded.
  • Today i finished my proposal and most of my rubric, but we ran into a problem when we accentually deleted but we recovered it and posted it to the wiki, and made our shopping lists, so we are prepared to start our project next week.

    • Because I had a 5 because I ran into a problem but overcome d it. That day and I was very happy when I succeeded at the end.

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