CNS4 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Kerbal Space Program
    • I chose this project because it is good practice, I learn from my mistakes and improve my rockets that failed the last time we launched them. There is a bunch of different parts and each one has their own abilities. Me and Alex's goal is to land on the moon which in the game is called the mun. We made it to the moon, but we didn't land we crashed. We know what we are doing now and we are going to the mun. We are doing really good right now.
  • 3-d printing
Me and Alex chose this project because I have never 3d printed anything before or designed something to be 3d printed. I think it is cool.
Alex and I are making things on tinkered from a video game Fortnite Battle Royale.

Top Reflections:

3d printing
I got to make a lot of cool things on tinkercad I would definitely do it again

3d printing

It is fun but I haven't gotten to print yet
  • Watching the video
    • We got a good idea of what our rocket will look like and how it will work
  • Learning from others
One way I/we connected/collaborated with others was I talked to my partner about what we should do in our project

Top Critiques:

  • I think your portfolio is really good, I don't really know what you should work more on because it is already really good.

    • I highlighted it because David did a good job on his portfolio
  • Critique I think you did good on that video, I really don't know what you could do different next time
I highlighted this one because it was just one of my critiques
  • The presentation was good, I just felt like you could have added a little bit more
I highlighted this one because it was one of the three crituques I have
Briggs critique on project:
I thought the presentation was pretty cool, you didn't show us a lot that was yours though, but it looks cool.

All Projects: