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Top Projects:

  • CMR5 Castle Survival Project
    • I wanted to challenge my self and my Minecraft skills by making a castle but not in creative but survival. The hardest part about this project is the resources and how to get them (such as stone diamond and iron). It will take a long time because I am doing this by myself and I want to make it the best of my ability and to see what I can accomplish trough out the project.
  • CMR5 Castle Survival Project >
    • I wanted to crated a castle on Minecraft. I also wanted to see how far I could progress and what I could accomplish. This project was all done in survival and that made it hard to get things like stone bricks through out the project. The goal is to create a good castle and to test my Minecraft skills. I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did.
  • Jack and Cameron's Comics Reviewing page
    • I chose this project because it is the only other one I have done and am currently doing. I have put a lot of effort into this project and hope that everyone who visits this page enjoys the work I have done. The goal is to work on my comic book reviewing skills. I have started to done review-revises instead of a summery of the comic
    • I have now become more advanced in this project thanks to multiple programs. I am now doing picture reviews with Microsoft Movie Maker which as been a huge step in my reviewing of comics because I use to not do picture review. I am Skitch to get my pictures from the comic book. Skitch is a program that I am still new to but am getting better at it. I am also now using a actual microphone with the Mobilepre USB system and Audacity program which I am still learning how to use but am getting better. i am tough disappointed in my self because I fell like I should be further in the project. I always get distracted like things such as the Puerto Rico trip.
    • I am now reviewing more realistic and non cosmic comics such as Superior Iron Man and All-New Captain America. i am doing this because it is easier to explain them to views who have never heard of character such as Glactus. Almost everyone knows who Iron Man is because of his own multiple movies and the Avengers which is one of the top grossing movies in America. These characters appeal more then characters no one has heard of and are easier to talk about
    • I have stopped reviewing comics and am now talking an online course. the course I am taking is about the history of comic books . It also sows how comics have effected modern day culture and their impact on society. The course explains how comics were inspired to be what they are today. I course also encourages students to talk in the community chart pages and to work in a homework type "super hero sketchpad". This course is both fun and challenging.

Top Reflections:

  • "moved out of my house small house to my castle so I would no longer have to make long trips"
    • I chose this reflection because My castle was at a point where it was big enough for me to live in.
  • "Built a lot of layers of wall and am adding more furnishes to increasing production of normal stone. I'm not going to dig deep underground for stone anymore but rather dig on the surface because it is easier to get back."
    • I chose this because I finally had enough diamond and iron that I could just mine the surface and stone brick production would now be faster
  • "I built my beacons after battling the nether thing a couple times."
    • I chose this reflection because it shows how much I can achieve in this project and what I want to do.
  • .What did you learn about your topic? I learned that recording a review for a comic takes time and preparation because you have to know what your saying and you don't want to mess up while recording. I also learned that it helps to make a script before recording.
    • .I chose this reflection because it show how I have grown as a reviewer of comics. I shows that I now use a script for my reviews. It also show the preparation in this project. I have shown in this reflection that you can't screw up in a recording. This reflection is shown that I have grown as a comic book reviewer.
  • I didn't get as far as I planned because....
    I did not have a microphone on me but I learned too late that there were microphones here in the class room. I am now doing a Earth 2 world's end review on issue #10. To do this review I am using Skitch and Microsoft movie maker and it has been going really smoothly. I also plan to catch up on Batman and Robin because Robin is coming back in a couple months. I will have my Skitch review hopefully posted next class.
    • I chose this review because it shows a major change to the project. It shows that I have started to use Skitch and am still learning how to use it. It also show that I am now using Movie Maker which means that all of my reviews will be picture based. It shows that I am still doing Earth 2 reviews and I think will stick to that because it is hard to review so many comics in one week. This has show that i have grown in my reviewing and recording skills
  • I/we had a breakthrough when.....
    I uploaded superior Iron man #1 to the wiki today. i had some problems with audacity recording with the microphone but got past them today and had to export the video to get it to youtube. I am wondering where to go from here with the project though. This comic was much easier to review then Earth 2. Glad I could get this finished.
    • I liked this reflection because it showed the transision between Earth 2 and Iron Man and that comic series can be different and that they are not all the same. it also shows the steps i have to take when using audacity and some of the problems that I face on a normal day and some of the problems I face with youtube as well. I am glad I am making progress with this project and how I have grown as a comic book critic.
  • I learned.. About the dark ages of the comic book industry and how it almost collapsed to Joseph Mccarthy. And how Fredric Wetham who wrote "Subduction of the innocent" which was a popular book he wrote that claimed that comics were evil and that led to companies going bankrupt and comic book burnings. I also got to asked Stan Lee on the online "Hi Stan Lee. I was wondering Because DC had comic book TV shows like Batman and Superman, Why didn't Marvel have any on air in that time period of the comic book industry.
    • I liked this reflection because it showed something I did not know about the history of comic books. It showed how scared people were back then. I also liked this reflection because it showed about the community section of the class were I can talk and ask questions to the comic book community and get answers from experts like Stan Lee. The reflection also shows that this project is most likely the best project i have done in this class.

Top critiques:

  • cool, but what are you going to learn and what do hope to achieve
    • I chose this critique to remind my self what I'm trying to do in this project and not to get side tracked with other things.
  • Cool project and I am impressed with your work but I would try to make your own completely original picture. Also try to play around with the other tools and try new things. Keep up the good work tough.

    • I chose this critique because it shows that in a project not everything can be the same. Some times you have to mix it up a bit and change some things. I also chose this because I am confused on what the person's goals were for his project. I also want to see the person achieve more then he has already. I know based on what I saw he can do grater things evolving the project.
  • I like the idea of your project, however I kind of see this as an excuse to read comics in class, and I think stg3 agrees with me. We would both see it as more of a project if you did not just review comics, and review more things such as movies, or games. But other than that you are still doing a decent job at your project.
    • I chose this critique because they are right this project should not take as long which is why I am soon going to end it and try that comic class taught by Stan Lee online and see what I can learn from this. This is complacently new to me. I am still trying to find out how I can sign up for the class.

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