CMB6 Portfolio

Steam Games
In this Project what i would do is take a screeb shot of a game i play thats new on steam and i will post it on the steam pag after i have played at less 30 mins for the game i will bring be using my alienware which is made for gaming and I will use different games every time i go on steam for this project. For this project i will only need 1. My computer 2. Instal Steam 3. Download Games off steam 4. Play Different Games every time.

Building a computer proposal
  • In this Project this was all about trying to make an computer with the company of Raspberry Pi in this project i was suppose to build this computer with a 12mb SD card and i need a monitor and so i was suppose to use the HUD Wire to attach the computer and use a mouse to control the computer and attach it so it would be easier.
Food Making - aar5 and cmb6
  • In this Project this Project this was about me and Ammanuel making food easy food like tacos and a Peanut Butter sandwich and other things this project is still in process and for this project we have to type about are food that we made or take photographs.
Food Page

Food Proposal - Chris & Ammanuel
  • For this Proposal this is were we put pictures of the foods we made and had.
Minecraft Parkour Map cmb6
  • For this Project this is where we put the link to Minecraft if you wanted to play And this was are pictures so you can see what we've build and show you how simple it is to make these.
coolmath game reviews
  • For this project this was me looking at the Reviews and looking at how the games are and telling people what i thought of the game and what the ranks are for that game
  • Raspberry this was the link for the computer website so if you want to buy the computer and build your own and show your own computer software
  • For this this is a game coder basically all you have to do for this project was build an 2D project which was like making the characters and building the base of the game.

Top Projects:

Minecraft building a future parkour stadium
i did game star because it easier to program
i love to do stick pivot because i had a lot of use with this project

Top Reflection

  • i pick these because this is one of my good games in the project was fun making the games and i having to work hard to find everything out.
  • i loved to make no love because it easy and fun to make and it took me long.
  • i did the hardest game because this was the first game i ever played and it really hard because it take a lot of time to win.
  • In Minecraft with Parkour with i think that it was one of the best Projects i did because i did it with a group and we were pretty successful with are project and building buildings with parkour in them

All Projects:

this is my projects that i have been trying to do
coolmath game reviews
i have also been doing kodu game lab this is where you make 2D games

gamestar reviews

Picking Partners:

In most of my Projects when i pick my partners I would some time work alone or i would sometime pick the right partners and sometime i would pick the wrong partners.

Minecraft Project

hey if you want to make a game on gamestar mechanic will you came to the right man the best 5 tips on tip if you make a game and you want to publish it will you can't because you have to do cool quest

This was are project about build parkour in Minecraft about jump off block little small block block from blocks and that was are project


This was part of the project we did trying to build a weird in side parkour building

i pick this reflection because:
  • I wanted to look at Minecraft and how to play i wanted to learn a new world and how to build new thing whit your mind
  • For this Project i pick was so i can see how it feel to build with other people and to learn team work.
  • I work with Thomas and Nate for this project because i want to see how pros would build in Minecraft