Top Projects:

  • Scratch Cards - CKM1 Scratch Cards
    • I chose this project because I worked hard on it. I put effort into it and it challenged me. It was my first time using Scratch so it was a new progam for me. Scratch is a program that teaches students programming.
  • One Direction Blog - CKM1 One Direction Blog
    • I chose this project because I really like working on it. I am interested in the topic and love to do it.
  • Playdoh - Playdoh
    • I chose this project because it was one of my first projects done and I enjoyed it.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today we went to talk to Mr. Emmi about the burner and got it. We turned on the burner to make sure it worked. We are storing the burner in Mr. Whitmer's room to use on Tuesday. We also got the ingredients copied and pasted on to our wiki."
    • This showed the work I have done. This is a journal entry from when I was working on my Playdoh project. It says "we" because I was working on this project with Abby.
  • "Today I added a backround to my blog and added a new post on the Peoples Choice Awards where One Direction won two out the four awards they were nominated for."
    • This showed what I have done on my blog that day.
  • "Today I worked on my Homemade Christmas Presents. I got more links and found the materials and what I need to do to make sewn felt slippers."
    • In this post I talk abot my Homemade Christmas Gifts. I talk about one present someone can make.

All Projects: