Top Projects:

video star cjp4
    • I picked video star because me and Carissa love music. So we wanted to make videos to the music. Our friend Kelsey told about it. We thought it would be a good idea for thinkering. Video star is something you do with music. There are effects like rainbow blurry and others. You make a music video to songs on your phone, ipod , ipad and more. Video star is really fun for people who like music. I also chose video star because it is fun to dance with. We always have fun together. I reccomend this to people who like music.

Top Reflections:

  • We had so much fun we figured out that the easy things can actually
  • be hard but we did do some video star
because we didn't know why but we
finished a lot we might post some of it next class
I picked this reflection because we were starting video star and it was really fun. We were figuring out things in our effects. It was kinda of hard and we almost got one done, and we were really happy.

Community Service Videos

  • Now we are doing Commmunity service videos about recycling and bullying. It was very fun. We learned some really cool facts about recycling and bullying. I liked it very much. I also thought that when we would do something we had creative ideas. Me and Carissa had TONS and TONS of fun. I loved it. I also think it is giving a good message to people. We learned things. We also had lots of bloopers. We had so much fun. But it was kinda hard because all we can do is bullying and thats why it's kinda hard. But I hope we can make more.

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