1e3dc8b2d67551fd236637b14818c544.gifGame reviews
1temple run because it is a fast pace game.
2jetpack joyride i wish it was a more easy game
3eden because it is very easy and you can explore it.

If you want to fly you press sdpace and hold.
It you see a green brick and bress a space you jump high.

this is the pivot i helped trevor with

Educated and I no it.


Rotate and roll is a very fun game witch has many intresting levels and I also have been researching how tio revew and this is what i say about the game it a a hard
game with more and more balls and it is all kinds of colars in it wich i lost 6 times in a row.

All Projects

boloons tower defence is really a very stradigy game you have to be patiant and keep it slow, I learned that you should spend your money smartly. It is also a very fun game


FOr about 2 weeks I did minecraft. It was my first time playing minecraft. I dident no
how to play. But luckly this video helped me understand. How to play I was a little shacky
at first but I figured it out for the first day. This was a one day thing I looked up all of these minecraft videos
and This was the best It really helped me how to controll,walk,jump,fly. The minecrafters also helped me find this video in class [merritt] was the best. He new this video and new it would help me. It had a big role in my mincraft learning it tought me how to do new things.

Sooooooo today I got to the enderdragon and I found it and i was told it is very rare to see and I looked like I was trying to beat this dragomn in a fight and I learned I needed to bhe fast to defeat the ender dragon.

This jurnal was my favorite it wasent the best one but I loved it because I was so excyted while writing it. It really kept me on my feet. I licked it because the minecrafters in my class told me it was super rare noboby ever sees this it was the ender dragon. I was convinced I could beet it but I really had to fast it could fly. I dident ever defeat it but it got me incureged to defeat it the next class. I learned that at the same time in mine craft I was learning so much infact every second right infront of my eyes.


I have been doing this project for a long time probobly a month. i enjoy it so much and have learned alot
and it is the begining in my career of being a reporter.I have learned how to
update a blog and make a blog. I have learned how to comment and make. I
enjoy this because i have learned news about birmingham and the crim and sportsThere is always new action in thhe birmingham areaI find itcool how
i can interview the student and friends at my own school.
It has been the most sucsessfull project i have ever done. I just find it very fun and hope to
take it to the next level of reporting.

Today i found my subject for the next artacle and I look forward to keep working on it. I learned that to dothe subject im doing is to followe the action like the sport and study it. MY subject is detroit country day basketball. they r a basketball power house around these areas

I love this because it shows how excyted i was for this project and it shows that i realy wanted to learn about it
I also learned in the that detroit country day was a basketball power house. so excyted because I love
reporting about basketball and when I find something new its great.


I learned so much in tis because I went to so many covington basketball games.
It really made me appricheate my school.I learend alot from just learningand reading in the articals.
Thats were I really learned i also learned alot how to make blogs post things and such. This project was the best learning project maybe this year for me
i picked this project because i loved watching my friends play basketball ans also to read the news and report about it.

I have learned how to post a wrighting peace corectly. I also learned how to to tag and I posted 2 peaces today. I am notToday doing games until I do 4 sport wright ups. I learned that unstead of wrighting my peace again I could just go to the comments and copy and past.

I love this reflection because I was so happy that I learned how to use the blog
because before I dident no what I was doing on it.The main point is ,is that I LEARNED the most that day
it just felt good and after that I did better writeups and it
worked out great.