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this is a game where I can build and test rockets. my project was to get a plane into orbit in this game. another goal was to make a space-station and a boat, yes a boat. I've test an abundance of rockets and boats. I've completed 2 of my goals to get a plane into orbit and make a space-station. I hope to continue this project and I am impressed with how well I have been doing.

my project for this quarter is ant keeping I learned about how ants communicate and work together. I also learned there nest and that they can go up to 9ft deep into the earth all types of ants to different thing like leaf cutter ants cut up leaves and grow them into mold and eat the mold. I've learned a lot threw youtube on this project.

> in this project we are completing from the last quarter. In this we hope to complete the helmet. We also want to learn for about this and make more stuff in the future. I hope we can finish our project this quarter and makes some more props. And the reason gray and I wanted to make this project is because we have creative minds and love to build really cool things and thats why I think this project is going to be great for gray and I this quarter.

  • Minecraft Building Tutorial CJB9
    • i have made a semi susceful chanel and reached over my goal 10 subs i have 15 thats crazy and i have been doing survival and server game play.
  • Ark Survival Evloved wiki
    • So far on mike and i made a wiki about a survival game with dinos that try to kill you and run away from also you can ride them the game is very hard with alpha dinos i love dinos my favorite is the raptor. But we are talking about in the wiki is how tame and how to stock pile on metal, wood and thatch and on taming how to make saddles what food do they eat and riding dinos so far i think are wiki is going to be great.
  • CJB9 kerbal space program
    • The reason i made this project is I LOVE SPACE. What I'm doing is making a space station to orbit the sun thats big. Its been a hard mad rage of trying to do build the ship, i fail it blows up. It will make the Kernes proud i will send a bigger ship and dock on to it. So thats what my project is so far I've had so much fun.
  • lego cannon
    • i built a lego cannon it goes up and down and i love lego its my favroite toy and i realy good at it its a total of 376 pices and i has aton of difrent pieces. and i will be so big it will destroy .

Top Reflections:

  • ""I learned bout the behavior of ants. and what the hunt and eat. and all types of ants from honey pots to bullet ants."

I chose this reflection because it shows h=what I learned and they verity of what I learned. I also learned about all the ant types like every ant.

  • "today i built som of my space pane and tested it out and know i need to add moor fuel tanks. And i will need to build a satellite ship to to keep kernels in space
    • i used this one it describes what i did that day. look at the rich detail in the reflection amazing it shows the well what happend.
  • I am going to build my space plane -----
    today i built som of my space pane and tested it out and know i need to add moor fuel tanks.
    And i will need to build a satellite ship to to keep kernels in space.
    • This was my most work I've gotten in a long time. Also it did NOT BLOW UP thats amazing for me. So far thats my favorite reflection for a while now at least. It did lose a solar panel when it was launched. But it made the Kerbals proud.
  • the make sharir fare went decant we had a few people vists and a few questions so i think we do a good job presenting and showing people that asked question what we are doing and showed them how to make foam props for them selves. over all we did pretty good at the make share fair.

Top Critiques:

  • its great very interesting. you worked hard on it so far.
    • i thought i would inspire him to work for his dream.
  • this is very interesting the levels you made are very hard and fun. i loved kaz's game star levels

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