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Top Projects:

  • Arm Knit Scarves
    • I thought that this was a project where we procrastinated on a lot. Madeline and I were putting it off a lot. We did not know how to do it. When we finally got the project done it turned out very well. I was very happy with the final product. I learned a lot of things when we did this project. One of the things that I learned was to make sure that we are doing everything right, before we go onto the next step. Another thing that we learned while doing this project was kind of like the other thing, that was to make sure to that when you are buying yarn you have the right die lot number. This is very important because you have to make sure that you have the exact same color with both strand of yarn, or else it will be a subtle but noticeable difference. If you look at this project, you will notice that there might be some parts of the scarf that is not perfect. It is not perfect because we might have messed up on 1 or 2 stitches. This is important to mention because no one said anything in the video, like 'Make sure that you have the right strings before you pull it through'. It would have been helpful if we had know better that we could not undo anything. But in the end I thought that this project turned out very well.
  • Hair Styles and Portrait Photography
    • This was the only project that I did this quarter so that was one reason that I had to highlight it here. The other reason was because I learned a lot of new things that I wouldn't have learned if I had not done this project one thing I learned was how many different ways about how to braid my hair and wave it. I also learned a lot of helpful tips on how to take portrait style photos which would come in handy if I ever do a project like this again. On eating I might redo if I were to do the project again is to maybe make videos of the stuff you have to do as you do it.
  • Arm Knit Scarves
    • This was the only project that I did this quarter. It was a very fun project, arm knitting. On this page you will se how we arm knitted and other videos that will help you, and that helped us. When this page is finished you will be able to use it to learn how to arm knit. We still have to post the pictures on the wiki. Since Madeline is not here today we still have to post the picture but we will be working on that. This was a really fun project because once we got the hang of it, it was very easy. We enjoyed this project a lot and we will probably do it again. One thing that we both learned from it was how to arm knit. It was really hard and frustrating in the beginning. We took a while to get the hang of it. We had to count stuff out so we got a piece of paper and wrote it down. WE learned a lot of things this quarter and we worked really hard on it.
  • Interior Design
    • This was the only project I have done this quarter. It has been a very fun project, interior design. On this page, you will see pictures of different creations Genevieve and I have are using the free software, When you go on this page, you will see mine and Genevieve's progress throughout the quarter. Every day we each post a couple of pictures (depending on how much we have gotten done that day.) This has definitely been my most productive project, because I have all of the supplies I need right in the class (computer) and I actually enjoy this. I have had a lot of fun with this project. A lot of things with the software,= were fairly self-explanatory, but there are a lot of things we are still learning or have yet to learn. We have also been looking at other designs online to get some inspiration.

Top Reflections:

  • We got further than we/i planned because...
    We spent our time wisely. We finished our whole proposal. We put it up on the board for Mr. Whitmer to look at it , he has not yet.

    • I chose to highlight this reflection because although it was short and I may not have not gotten my best grade on it, it was one of my more useful weeks. Madeline and I got the entire proposal done. We mentioned that, but we did not say that we had had to go back and find a fashion class syllabus. We had to do this, because we were not clear enough to Mr. Whitmer what we would be learning in our project. We had to show him that some high school and college fashion classes taught the same things that we would be teaching ourselves. I thought that this was a frustrating week at the same time, because we had to make a lot of revisions. Our reflection did not really show that, but we did. Overall though, I thought it was a very productive week.

  • "We were ineffective because
    We didn't get as much done as we would have hoped we got off task A LOT and when wee were watching YouTube videos we got pretty off task. I thought I did pretty good as an individual I found a few hair styles I would like to do next time or have done to me. We also got a lot of the pictures that we got uploaded from last week. Thursday was not as productive as Tuesday, on Tuesday we got a lot done, we uploaded all of the pictures from the H Drive to the wiki on our new
    Hair styles and Portrait Photography
    page. We still need to upload the hair styles. I hope that next time we can be more productive both days."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it was very honest. It showed how I would like to improve for the next time. Next time I want to do better and work harder because the week when I did that reflection my partner and I were not working very hard and we were both off task.
  • We were effective this week because...
    We got the scarves done and we did them very well. Madeline and I got together outside of school and worked on them together. The scarves both turned out very well. Madeline is not here today though so, we cannot post the pictures to the wiki yet.
    • This was my best reflection because it was when we actually got something done. We worked really hard to get together and everything led up to this. We really enjoyed doing this and they turned out very well. It was really fun when we got together and I think that people can learn from the photos that we post on the wiki. The last reason that this was my favorite reflection is because it showed that we could do this project and that we did the work to do it.
  • We were effective/ ineffective because...
I started a new house and this is what I have so far. I think it is going very well. I like my new project and I home that the website will continue working.
house 5-14.png

    • That week my website stopped working for a little bit. I think that we got a lot done especially because of the websites malfunction. I think that I got a lot done in one hour. This is because I only had one day to do this whole thing. I think that my reflection shows everything that was happening that week. I did get a lot done. And I was excited about starting a new project. This reflection was one of my best also because I got a lot done that week. I started a new project where I didn't even hawse to make a proposal, so that was good. I am ready, I think to make another house. There isn't a lot to say about this reflection because it is short, but I showed a picture because it shows how much I have gotten done.

Top Peer Group:

  • Hi! I thought that your castle was very cool. I think that you should add in narrarration so that people might be able to understand what is going on and why you have put in these certain features. Another idea might be to add in subtitles. Good job.

    • This was my top peer critique, because I thought it could have really helped the person, also all of the other people that watched his video. It was also to John, my first one was also. Again I thought this was helpful, I kind of understood it a little more, because it was just like a tour. Some features of his house though, no one would recognize that they are special unless you tell them. So because of that I though he should maybe add in subtitles or narrarration. This would really be helpful specifically to John, but more to the people who watch it. I think that it is very important because people who know a little bit more about Minecraft wouldn't need this info. But people who are still trying to figure it out might benefit from subtitle or narrarration where he explained how to get all of the special features of his castle.
  • Hi I thought your project was great, but since there was no introduction I had a very hard time understanding what was going on most of the time, next time I would suggest telling the people what they will be watching before they watch a presentation about it. Good project though
    • This is my top peer critique because I thought that it really help Jon, who was who I gave it to. I understand that most people who would set out to find this video would know what they would be watching. But for me it was hard to understand because when we did this he just started a video and we watched it. I had no idea what was going on so I just wanted to maybe have some captions or some type of introduction that told you what would be going on in the video. Also there was no audio, so even if someone understood what was going on they would have to be able to interpret what he was doing and what he was about to do. This was my best critique because it was something I didn't really understand so it was good because I could give him critiques from someone who is not a Minecraft expert.
  • I thought your project was very good! Lots of content! I thought though that one thing you could do to improve is that you could try to do one team at a time so that people could more understand what they are watching but good project ideas, it seems to be something you are interested in.
    • This is my top peer critique group because I think that it is something that could really help out Clayton, if he listened to it. I understand that most people who set out to watch this video would know that teams and players better than I do. But for me it was hard to understand because he just started the video and I didn't really get an introductions. I had no idea what was going on, so it would have been helpful if he had added some sub-titles or narration. This was my best critique of the quarter personally because I think that it would really help out the people like me who don't know what it going on. I think this was my best, also because I don't know a lot about football videos because they are not a huge interest go mine.
  • I think this is a good project that people will enjoy viewing this blog. My only question is, How will people who are looking for this find it? It was good though
    • This is my top peer group because I think it is something that could really help out Will. I think that it was a good critique that will help him to think about the people who might want to view his blog. When he originally he made it, he was probably mostly focused on writing good things that were important. I think that his project was very good because it was something that even people who don't play Clash of Clans might understand, instead of a video where no one has any idea of what is going on. For me, it is not something that I am really interested in, because I don't play Clash of Clans, it would have been harder for me to become interested in it. In the end I think that the way that I went about giving my critique was also good, because I personally have a harder time finding websites when I am looking for it. I hope that this critique was helpful to Will and can help him realize all of the things that he needs to do, to make it easier for people to understand his project.

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2012-2013 School YearTop Projects:

  • Click hereto see our nail art page
    • video tutorials for nails

    • I wanted to highlight this project here because I had a lot of fun with this project. I liked it because we got to do our nails but we also watched a lot of videos some of which we did not use so we can do them another time on our fingers. My favorite parts of the project was when it was my turn to do Bridgets nails.
  • Top Reflections:

  • "Today I felt that we worked very hard and we got through a lot more than we would have expected, the first class we rushed because we had a little bit of a delayed start because we were working on the wiki. I thought we got a lot done also because we had a lot of time to get it done, we started at the beginning of class and we were able to get 2 videos done as opposed to 1."
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