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Top Projects:

    • I wrote this song with Teahan, and I really liked the sound of it. I also like this song a lot because it is simple, so it is easy to play correctly with a bit of practice. Additionally, it was fun to write because I had to be creative, and I'm a creative person, and I love to play the piano. This is also the best polished project we did, and it shows that we worked hard.
  • Moving On~ A Movie
    • This is one of my favorite projects because I'm learning a lot about making a movie, and it is also really fun in the process. This was really hard, but when we got closer to finishing, we got more excited and creative with our few props and people.
  • Blog
    • I really like making this blog with Lexy. I'm learning about creative writing and the the secrets of Blogspot. We are also discovering different types of people and art. I dont think that anyone actually reads the blog, but I like to think that people do, and I know that I would be intrested in it if I came across it.

Top Reflections:

  • "We continued to work, and decided that I would be the song writer and I would play
    the song, and Teahan would edit it to make
    it sound more to his taste. I leanred how to
    set up the keyboard."
    • I chose to hightlight this reflection because it shows us working togather and making progress. This reflection also shows that we figured out how play to our strengths. This also expresses that we were learning about technology that we didn't have before. I really liked that we found a common ground that we could work on, because that can be challenging with someone who has hardly any musical experience.
  • "We worked on the names and the begining of the script, and I learned about Kali, the godess of time and death. We experienced dispute amongts the cast on naming and roles."
    • I liked this reflection because we were working on the actual project, learning about Dark Goddesses, and expieriencing real life movie making problems, like with who plays what and how they play it.
  • "We finished! I learned all about team work, friends, and a lot of creative ideas on how to make creepy and eery effect with only a few props. Having so distractions around us, we took interest in those things instead what was important to us. We also got blocks, and we couldnt come up with any ideas for the trailer, so we just kept on brian storming, and once we were able to introduce different characters it was a lot easier. we also had the help of other people in to room, and we thank them very much."
    • I like this reflection because it shows accomplishments and that we learned something. I also like how I shared that my thoughts, our troubles, and our victory.

All Projects:

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